Tuesday, August 11, 2015

[PHOTOS+FANCAM] 150811 Jaejoong - 70th Korean Liberation Day 'LOVE' Concert Pre-show + Rehearsal

  • Fan saw Jaejoong already and said he outstand the others because he's fair and just different from others T_T💕 src. loli
  • Jaejoong wore white tee and looked at fans shyly while touching his shaved head, then greeted them! Src. _yyyTin楊楊
  • Jaejoong even asked how the fans went there, in a bashful yet adorable manner, for a few minutes! Src. _yyyTin楊楊
  • An older lady (probably the one who took the picture with Jaejoong?) asked Jaejoong to meet the fans, but he rejected. 😂 src. PYO

  • Jaejoong went out from the backstage. This fan (with her sibling) saw him and shouted "Hello!" to Jaejoong. (jjhero5)


A video posted by 이하늘 (@skylee9210) on

A video posted by 이하늘 (@skylee9210) on

Credits: Pyo + 5ilse + JJhero5 + skylee9210
Translated by: yunjaery + paulisteu
Shared by: DBSKnights

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