Thursday, August 20, 2015

[PHOTOS] 150820 Yoochun Weibo Update - Live Chat

I'm ready! The Chinese staff will help me to translate! Begin immediately



Q/A compilation

Fans: how can you be so handsome?
YC: your vision must be bad~

Fans: Do you wanna pat/slap Kim Junsu's butt?
YC: I'm not that type of people *sweating emoticon*

Fans: What's your favorite part on your body?
YC: My forehead, forehead.

Qns: Oppa, where did your eyebrow went?
YC: To the Heaven

Qns:Message to those who are still single.
YC: its good to have the time alone.

QNS: Up till now, how many confession had you encountered? *Not including Fans*
YC: I don't think there is..

QNS: Which boby parts you love the most?
YC: Forehead Forehead

QNS: Oppa, had your chinese improve? What is some interesting words you learnt?
YC: 么么哒

QNS: Nooo. If you don't reply me today, i will not eat.
YC: It is a must to eat. Your mother will be sad.

QNS: Have you consider to grow moustache?
YC: Had, but it doesn't suit my face.

QNS: Do you prefer with fringe or without?
YC: Without

QNS: What are you going to do after this interview ends?
YC: I've some other schedule later on

QNS: Wwe will not see you for 2 years. What should i do? I will miss you/
YC: Time flies

QNS: Oppa, Can you post a Selfie?
YC: Yes i will. Give me a minute

QNS: Please remember that Chinese fans loves you very much.
YC: I will remember it. Please take care. Goodbye!

Yoochun ah, at what age do you plan to get married?
Yc: I will get married when you have 10 children.

How can you be so handsome?
Yc: Your vision/sight should be not good keke.

Park Yoochun, do you know that you are very handsome!?
Yc: Dunno.

What are u doing after the live chat?
Yc: I still have other schedule

Really thank u everyone, i'm really very happy. I will miss you all lots, hope to treasure that thoughts to to let us meet while smiling. Then/so, goodbye!!! ^^

Credits: Yoochun's Weibo
Translated by: li-an + NovWithJ + XIAkiss + yunmoon
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