Wednesday, July 1, 2015

[VIDEO] 150701 Yunho - KBS Morning Forum '2015 Gwangju Universiade'




  • yunho's seated next to song sohee, with whom he'll perform the musical at the opening ceremony
  • Yunho's appearing live from Gwangu *_* just praised famous gymnast yang hakseon's mother for her gallant singing
  • Yunho said he misses home cooking and Gwangju food when he's away abroad
  • When asked about places he visits in gwanhu, he mentioned the park he goes to when he wants to be alone. he went there yesterday too
  • the director of gwangju universiade is also his professor from college-he says yunho's famous for being loyal, though he's such a top celeb
  • the director also said they're working with his students in college for gwangju u, and yunho promised to buy them(his hoobaes) meat
  • the local anchorman(a young guy) also gave his advice to yunho on how to spend his time in the army, all such nice words from experience
  • when asked to give a message to his fans, yunho said he thanks fans for their unchanging support,he'll grow as a person and bring it to stage
  • yunho is seated with renowned people in their field working for gwangju u, n people who represent gwangju n their culture are also present
  • when yunho needs to think or has big decisions to make he goes to said park to muse for hours and doesn't even tell his family.
  • the emcee wanted to know where that park was but yunho very politely and gently declined to reveal the location as he too needs to be alone
  • yunho just recommended duck stew among all the famous gwangju dishes, he said it tastes even better if you add sesame powder ㅎ
  • yunho's mother cooked him all his usual favorite dishes yesterday, the most notable & one of yunho's favorites being yukhoe (beef sashimi)
  • yunho would like to recommend duck stew to the athletes visiting gwangju-a dish that represent the area & really good for physical stamina
  • before yunho talked abt his mother's yukhoe they were talking about meat pancakes(yukjeon) and emcee mentioned she heard yunho likes them too
  • the director's talking about the performance at the ceremony-a combination of traditional elements & world hallyu stars like yunho
  • yunho talks abt his performance under the title 'the shadow of youth'-it's a very powerful performance-emcee mentions his furrowed brows
  • emcee joked yunho's furrowed brows seems to speak for his upcoming perf - yunho answered wittily that he thinks it became part of his character
  • emcees are continuously praising yunho's every word *_* which rightly deserves to be praised - every answer witty, polite, on topic, smart
  • emcees asked yunho to give a message to the youth around the world-dream in detail (vividly) and it will come true(r=vd)
  • ….and that's a wrap. so surprised and happy to see yunho live in gwangju, talking abt his passion, his favorite foods and places
  • when yunho said his role in the musical has a powerful image,the female emcee(famous anchor woman) responded right way-but ur like a prince!
  • anchorman said since yunho's been going at life full speed nonstop,the army will give him time to appreciate things took for granted in life
  • yunho's msg. to the global youth-if u embrace opportunities, dream in detail and act(move) on it you'll get that much closer to your dreams
  • Yunho's role in the musical is like Hyde in Jekyll and Hyde, expressing the dark side of youth in torment
  • the show yunho was on is one that most ppl(especially older ppl)habitually watch in the morning-yunho's parents must have felt so proud!

Credits: 5ilse fam + Thetai9
Translated by: mystaryunho
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