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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150723 Yoochun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ~ALL ABOUT YU~ in Yokohama (Day 2)

  • (cr:SummerSummer87) Yoochun's final fan meeting in Japan before his enlistment. "I don't know when will it be, but I want to meet next time as JYJ. And, I don't know when, and it may never happen, but I want to meet (you) as a 5 members' (group). Please do not forget, JYJ. Please do not forget Tohoshinki." by Yoochun. The surprise event was all success, and Yoochun cried.
  • (cr:hachisun5) Yoochun said clearly (the words) "Tohoshinki" and "5 members"...Looking at sunflowers, Yoochun cried and cried. At the end, he couldn't sing..
  • (cr:ma6oo2) [Yoochun Yokohama Arena final day] not forget me, Park Yoochun and JYJ......and, Tohoshinki....
  • (cr:tvfxq0715) Yoochun said "Please do not forget me, JYJ, and Tohoshinki...." I burst into tears.
  • (cr:Junjun508) The fans feelings...reached Yoochun... He was at a loss for words,and he couldn't sing...all the fans were crying with him. He said that he was happy that he could make a debut in Japan. He said, please do not forget Yoochun, JYJ, and Tohoshinki.
  • (cr:Yuchu725) Yoochun said, "next, as a 5 members' (group)"! He said, the past should pass away. He said, please do not forget me, JYJ, and Tohoshinki.
  • (cr:yuchona2) Now we understand that (Yoochun's words a few days ago) "(please also support) the 2 members who are doing their best" should mean Yunho and Changmin.
  • (cr:ma6oo2) [Yoochun's final greetings] It's all right if you don't wait for me (lol) Well, it will be nice if you would wait for me! Oh, next time, in a different style... I don't know (about the future), but as the years go by, shouldn't 5 members be OK? Drinking shochu (white liquor) and such (lol) Yes, shoudn't it be nice?
  • (cr:eryngii610) When I come back from the military, I want to meet all of you as JYJ. And if possible...I want to hold activities as a 5 members' (group). It may not be possible, but...The past should be the past, years have passed, I want to go out together (with them) to drink shochu. Shouldn't it be OK? He said, please do not forget about JYJ, and also about Tohoshinki.
  • (cr:eryngii610) I don't think Yoochun talked about the 5 members thinking that he wants to go back to the past. I think he got over the past, and now praying that the future road of the 5 membes will meet somewhere, somehow. His voice was cheerful, and happy. It wasn't anywhere near tears. I was so happy that I could clearly/directly hear Yoochun's feelings.
  • (cr:eyechuu) The seat of a friend of mine was in the 2nd row of the ground floor seats, and she showed the red Bigeast towel which I requested her to bring! According to my friend, Micky Yoochun recognized the towel, and nodded!

  • Seems that it's okay to bring 1 sunflower for each person inside the venue
  • Some fans give sunflowers to fans who didn't bring it... inside the venue. they distributed it for free
  • YC doesn't eat ramen in Korea, only 1 times in a month but everytime he go to japan. he will eat ramen.
  • He wants to do something erotic 18+ in a movie
  • Director Iwai Shunji message to YC!!!! asking to make movie together!! YC looks so happy!
  • YC said Iwai san is his fave director so he want to do project together
  • He likes beef and pork but he likes beef better
  • He always turn to the left when singing. he said it's a habit
  • He suggested to take a pic with hachiko statue in shibuya
  • The content of the last email you sent? YC: What are u doing?
  • If u have free time what will u do? YC: nothing
  • YC changed his clothes to white shirt and black pants
  • He imitated Junsu! "Minna Junsu suki~" 😂😂😂😂 fans were likee 'cuteee' lmao
  • Yuchun's kitchen now! Making pancakes
  • YC said he doesnt really eat pancake because he likes rice better
  • YC cried seeing our surprise..
  • Yc said he was glad to debut in japan. I love you and really thank you
  • Because yuchun was crying, the people next to me too so i end up crying too
  • His last word is... "Please.. don't forget me and JYJ...and Tohoshinki..."
  • YC asked is it okay to be this happy...
  • When YC said '5人' fans were screaming so loud
  • okay the fm has ended

  • Yoochun likes the "Cheers!" you say before you start drinking, but after drinking, his expression changed since it was meringue on apple juice(?).
  • Fans picked the scene that's so funny - YC: Miss Ripley's a drama that I'm not the most confident of among my dramas until now.
  • 2nd ep of Miss Ripley where he's speaking in english - YC: Stop watching it now...It's really long. It's giving me goosebumps.
  • Q. The script of that eng lines is in english, right? YC: No. It's in korean, but I expressed it using other words in english.
  • Whipped Cream scene in Rooftop Prince - YC: There's a lot of NGs for that. I filmed that scene only for 6 hours. The hunger was making my head ache because the whipped cream was too sweet. It was cold too
  • MC: It's been 8 years since I met Yoochun. It was in a radio show. Yoochun's a person that is like a star.
  • Scene in Haemoo where they're eating instant noodles - YC: I seldom eat Korean instant noodles. I eat it once a month...?
  • YC: Though I would say that Japan instant noodles are really good.
  • YC: I ate grilled chicken yesterday, but I eventually ate burger and stake at Roppongi.
  • YC: I was a little bit embarrassed because there's only women near me that time.
  • Q. Role in a movie that you want to try? YC: A 19+ one...until the part where I show my butt? I want to try filming a sexual movie.
  • YC: I want to try filming Japanese movies, too. Movies like Love Letter.
  • (Shows a photo taken in a record store) YC: I went to a hyung that I know who was a former Radio DJ. That store is gone now.
  • YC: I also tried doing the lines of a DJ. I went with Yoohwan, and it was also the time when we cried together while listening to the song of memories.
  • "PYC brushes his teeth then drinks juice before sleeping" YC: How did you know? I really drink juice! Fans: You'll have tooth decay! YC: It's okay, it's okay~
  • "We want to do a fm while YC's wearing swimming wear" YC: I'm not the only who'll wear it, but also the people who'll go.
  • YC: Then it's good~ But I want to film a 19+ film first before this.
  • Q&A with Yoochun - Last mail you sent? YC: What are you doing? (To his friend?
  • What did you do when you had free time from your schedule? YC: I didn't do anything
  • Rice or bread for breakfast? YC: Rice!
  • Receiving or giving advice? YC: Receiving advice
  • Deceiving people or being the one who's deceived? YC: I don't know
  • Time when you can be relaxed? YC: Before I take a shower
  • Something that made you impressed recently? YC: Yesterday's fanmeet
  • What do you want to do when the world's going to end? YC: Have a meal with my family
  • How long is it when your hair's getting done? YC: 20 minutes? Up to 30 minutes.
  • What do you want to try in the future? YC: Butt acting.
  • Yoochun did an impersonation of Junsu. He sang the chorus of Incredible.
  • Yoochun made pancakes (shape of micky) Q: Do you like pancakes? YC: Umm well...I love to eat rice more than bread.
  • MC: It's been 8 years since I met Yoochun. We met on a radio show. Yoochun is a person that's like a star.
  • MC: It was like he was born every day like a star. He's a shining person. There had been a lot of hardships for d past 10 yrs
  • MC: Please continue cheering for him. Thank you.
  • YC: It's really fine if you're not going to wait for me. It would be as JYJ the next time we meet. Maybe even five people after a long time!
  • Yoochun's crying
  • T/N: tweets were translated from @/dopI_yjbrownie
  • YC: I don't know if how will it be, but when time passes, isn't it not good if it's five people? While drinking soju.ㅋYes? It's okay, right? cr: ma6oo2 via runging_1226

  • MC says YC acted really well because it makes his heart beat. YC said he's thinking if he should sit somewhere else.
  • YC, "Above 18 erotic? Showing the butt. What's melo ero? Kkkkk A melo genre which shows the butt? Kkkkk" [via sasurai031]
  • YC doesn't usually eat instant ramyeon. About once a month. He had hamburger yesterday and today, chicken sauté? They wanted to eat but there were too many people so, they didn't. 9 of them men went so the feeling was so-so because he was surrounded by men
  • (When showing ramyeon scene in Haemoo) YC says doesn't eat ramyeon in Korea but when he's in Japan he has to eat it. [via BAE_070421_BAE]
  • Last mail. What are you doing? YC said he came with a friend who has not been to Japan. He went to Shibuya and took pics in front of Hachiko's statue. [via sasurai031]
  • Q: Have you felt touched/moved recently? YC: Yes, yesterday when I was thinking that this will be the last. [via sasurai031]
  • Q: Is shorthand easy? YC: At first it's fine, but it gets difficult after that. [via sasurai031]
  • (English-speaking scene in Miss Ripley) YC said originally, that speech was in Korean but he personally translated it to English. That was back in 2011 so he could still do it. Asked if he can speak English now like he can in Jap he said he can't (via 6002x2601)
  • (RTP whip cream scene) It took 6hrs to film. His feet were cold. He had headache because the had too much whip cream and it was sweet The broadcast scene was taken from the middle so, the scenes which were shot after that were not used [via 6002x2601]
  • They wanted to go for chicken saute but there were too many customers at the shop so, they gave up. 9 of them men went for hamburger in Roppongi. The table next to them were all ladies and they saw us men swarming together so it was gross [via 6002x2601]
  • Q: What type of movie do you want to film in the future? YC: Erm...something erotic. Above 18 but proper. I can show my rear. I'm ok to show up to my butt. A sad movie with that kind of feeling. MC: Melo-ero. YC: Ah, melo-ero. The rear is something sad. A crying butt. A butt which makes the audience cry when they see it. An actor with a crying butt? That's it. [via 6002x2601]
  • (Explaining a photo) There used to be a shop run by a radio DJ in Korea. I became close with the owner, so I went frequently. I went with my brother too. We listened to songs which carries memories while we ment, just like a DJ. [via 6002x2601]
  • YC said he goes to the shop with 'Yuhwan-chan' and they talked and cried. MC: When? YC: Last winter. There was nothing around but snow. MC: On top of the mountain? YC: At the foot hill. [via 6002x2601]
  • YC says he's slow in memorizing scripts. Firstly, he reads it in general then he recalls the images. He does this repeatedly [via 6002x2601]
  • Before going to sleep, he drinks juice after brushing teeth. He says that things taste better after brushing teeth and his mouth is clean.
  • Q: What do you think of a swimsuit theme fanmeeting? YC: Good. But that should be after I've filmed the 'above 18' movie. MC: The audience will also be in swimsuits. YC: Oh? What are they going to do? Wear swimsuit and do what? [via 6002x2601]
  • MC: Beef vs. pork. YC: Cow. MC: Not beef, but cow? YC: Ah, I prefer beef. The shop which appears in my dating scene, it's nice.
  • Q: If you have time between schedules? YC: I won't do anything Q: The whole day free? YC: Ah, whole day? I'll go to the zoo [via 6002x2601]
  • Q: Rice or bread for breakfast? YC: Bread? No, rice.
  • Q: Most relaxing time? YC: Before sleeping or when taking a bath or shower. Casually taking a shower. [via 6002x2601]
  • Q: What will you do on your last day with friends? YC: Spend time casually with family. [via 6002x2601]
  • Q: How much time it takes to set your hair? YC: 2~30 mins. Hair + makeup take ~30mins. No, 40? Cos I'm a man. I don't really do anything.
  • Q: Something you want to challenge in the future? YC: Butt acting.

Yoochun crying ;~;

Credits: As tagged + hanaredd + ppeha
Translated by: yunhosmiley + paulisteu + yochwennie
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  1. I'll remember u cause u were once TVXQ's Mickey Yoochun. TQ 4 saying those words.

  2. Yoochun. ..the reality in life is we forget things easily. ..but if it gone to deeper in our memories. ...if it made our feelings would be memorable. ..also if it hurts it will never be faded in memory. ..your voice...talented acting..lovely smile and todays tears...will never be forgotten. ..get strength and come back fresh....we will be waiting. ...2 years is not long time if you come back....fighting. ...

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  4. I'll remember u cause u were once TVXQ's Mickey Yoochun. TQ 4 saying those words.