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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150722 Yoochun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ~ALL ABOUT YU~ in Yokohama (Day 1)


  • Fans picked the drama scenes. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!) It's a scene that can make you laugh when looking at it.
  • It was when he was envious of his colleague who did well to a policeman during the 16th episode of Three Days.
  • Q. Yoochun's jealous of that? YC: I'm not envious of that. You're not supposed to be jealous of that.
  • Yuchun: It's not bad to feel jealousy.
  • Q. What if you lost something? YC: Ah! Then I lost it. I'll go buy a new one? XD
  • When the MC introduced Haemoo as the movie where Yoochun won 8 awards - YC: I'm embarrassed. (laughs)
  • Fans picked the scene where Yoochun was searching for Hongmae when she fell to the sea
  • Was it not hard when you filmed that? YC: It was winter. It was really cold. That scene was the only one we filmed on the 15th (t/n: 1 day = 1 scene I guess) I got hurt (when filming that)
  • Q. You filmed in the sea this time, do you want to try filming in a different place? YC: Mountains, Sea, Sky- I don't like filming there. I want to film in ordinary places.
  • When filming the scene where he saved Hongmae - YC: There was something heavy with me on purpose because I had to stay underwater while filming it, so it's really dangerous because both of us nearly drowned.
  • T/N: Translating tweets from @/dopi_yjbrownie^^
  • Yoochun's habit that the fans know is that when Yoochun drinks something, and if it's with a long straw, he places it between his index and middle finger. YC: I do that in order to secure the straw.
  • Q. When is the time when you think that you are cute? Yoochun: When you're stretching right after you woke up? When you stretch as soon as you stand up and you're only wearing pants and upper body's nude?
  • YC: I'd like to take a photo of that. I hate being photographed. That's why I don't take selcas.
  • YC: I hate my appearance when I take selcas.
  • YC: With regards to Junsu taking selcas? Junsu takes a lot of it. Just looking at him 😩 I don't say it because of the members, and Jaejoong too! As soon as he comes after washing himself in the bathoom, I am 😫 when I saw him taking photos of his
  • Q. Favorite fragrance? YC: The ones which smells soft... When I went to the sea, the wide blue part of the sea and the sky?
  • YC: I don't recall much its smell, but it's that smell when you sniff it?
  • Q&A with Yoochun - Q. When you return as a child? YC: Study
  • Q. If you're in a date? YC: Camp
  • Q. Between Dolphins and Panda? YC: Panda
  • Q. Do you believe in fortune-telling? YC: Nope.
  • Q. Lucky number? YC: 64
  • Q. Exactly what do you want to do in a day? YC: Eating.
  • Q. Something you can't stop? YC: Eating.
  • Q. Present given to you that you like the best? YC: Car.
  • YC: I've never been to the zoo. So when we filmed a drama, I told the director to "Let's take a photo in the zoo", but there was not enough time so we finally did not go
  • Q. You've taken a photo to the place you've always wanted until now? YC: Nope. I personally
  • YC: want to go to the place where the drama Autumn in My Heart (was filmed)
  • YC: I don't believe in fortune-telling, but Junsu 100% believes on it. (laughs) I think that Jaejoong believes about it too. The two of them had a chat for several hours about it. Then they told me, "Yoochun-ah, you should try it too"
  • YC: When you combine 6& 4, seems like you'd get smth? MC: We don't believe in fortune-telling! YC: It's not that
  • Guest dancing to Wake Me Tonight - YC: I completely don't remember this at all (will teach the guest) YC: JS will remember this
  • Yoochun's making kimbap for today - Q. Have you tried making it before? YC: I've made it in events LOL
  • Yoochun imitated Junsu's "Junsu time~" and Jaejoong's "Minna, arigatou!"
  • Q. What's your favorite among the ingredients of kimbap? YC: Pickled radish. When there's few of it..I should say that I'm sad
  • How to split chopsticks by Park Yoochun: Rub the chopsticks in your hands and it will be separated
  • YC: It's been a long time since I sang a song (laughs) When I sing with Junsu and Jaejoong, I only sing 1/3 of it.
  • YC: I'm alone a lot. I was lonely because it was the last time I'm going to fly to Japan. Tomorrow is also the last day.
  • YC: I was running (spent) 1/3 of my life together with everyone. I love you all. (sjnjjs2)
  • YC: It's the farewell tomorrow, I'm really happy.
  • Yoochun: Jaejoong...takes his clothes off (during concerts).
  • YC: It was fun in Osaka and Nagoya. It's nice, because it's been a long time since I've been to Nagoya.
  • YC: Tebasaki was delicious, too. Yesterday, I went to Ramen-Matumori- a place that I always go to. It's really delicious.
  • YC: I'd be in a not-so-good mood if my friend talks to my girlfriend, but it's not jealousy.
  • YC: Porsche Red Star is a car that I bought recently. There's only 250 of it in the world.
  • YC: My left hand's on the steering wheel when I drive, and the right's on the gear. I also place my right hand on the passenger seat, while I'm thinking of 'What do I want to eat? What do I want to do?'
  • YC: I don't sleep well these days. Yesterday, I slept past 12mn but I woke up at 4. I can't sleep during 4-5. It's stressful.
  • Q. Do you want to take a photo of a woman wearing a bikini? YC: No. (Fans: LIES) I'm not lying.
  • YC: I'm satisfied with looking for just 3 seconds. I don't like taking photos.
  • YC: I've never tried suikawari. (a game which splitting a watermelon with a stick while blindfolded)
  • YC: I want to try it, but I want to do it with my kids if I have a family. There's no fun if you'd do it with women.
  • Q. Going back to elementary school? YC: I want to study. Especially world history. It would be fun.
  • YC: I don't believe it. My mom went there since she's worried because she's getting older, but forgets about it quickly.
  • YC: I don't want to live relying on its (fortune-telling) result. Now, I've told mom several times to stop it.
  • Q. You can't lose to anybody with this. YC: Forehead. Do you want to see it? Everybody knows, right?

  • YC says he will be upset if the girl he likes is close to his friend but he claims it's not jealousy and kept insisting it's not jealousy.
  • YC says it's exhausting to film at the sea. He doesn't want to film movies which involves sea anymore. MC: Mountain? YC: No. MC: Sky. YC: No
  • Showing a photo of Yuchun's Porsche and the MC was surprised that it's a limited edition and there are only 250 units worldwide
  • MC asked if he would stretch his arm to embrace the girl next to him while driving, YC said no but he would hold her hand.
  • Showing a pic of Yuchun with a clip during makeup. MC said many people want to be that clip. Yuchun shook his head and rolled his eyes XD
  • Habit: When drinking, he holds the glass by the top, holds the straw between his index and middle finger.
  • Yuchun says when he sleeps, he sleeps with undies only [Cr babyskymicky, via tamanidoonatsu]
  • Q: If you could go back to elementary school, what would you do? YC: Learn.
  • Q: Do you like dog or panda? YC: Panda
  • Q: Favorite lucky number? YC: 64
  • Q: Something you'd surely do each day. YC: Eat
  • Fans demanded that YC show his forehead. He asked why, don't you all have it too?
  • YC said he wants to return to elementary school and study world history. He likes pandas because he has never seen one.
  • Yuchun said he doesn't believe in fortune telling but as his mom is aging, she's starting to believe fortune telling even more.
  • MC asked if other JYJ members believe in fortune telling. YC said Junsu does 100%. He said last year JS went for fortune telling and after coming back, he told talked abt it for hours and told them to go together. YC said JJ believes in it too.
  • Yuchun also went to try out fortune telling [Cr babyskymicky]
  • (If driving with gf in the car) YC says one hand will be on the steering wheel and the other holding his gf's hand. He will ask her what she wants to eat. MC: Aigoo. YC: Don't everybody do that? MC: When did you do this? YC: 20 years ago
  • Yuchun did a backhug and his dimples were showing
  • YC thinks when he wakes up in the morning, he looks really adorable but scary during the night. He showed how he stretches when he gets up.
  • YC sleeps topless and only with undies. He has difficulties in sleeping recently. Sleeps at 12AM and wake up at 4AM. He can only sleep for 4~5 hours due to stress recently [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Yuchun imitating Junsu and Jaejoong on stage HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Credits: As tagged + JYJ's FB
Translated by: Paulisteu + yochwennie
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