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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150712 Yoochun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ~ALL ABOUT YU~ in Nagoya (Day 2)

  • Yuchun said he got back to the hotel, took off his flip flops, showered then had some beer. Because he was tired, he slept at 1~2AM
  • Yuchun says yesterday's pedometer challenge was too difficult and he hopes he doesn't have to do it again today [via JYJCN]
  • Showing airport pic of YC and he said he wears shades because he's shy and he shows off his forehead because he's confident of it
  • MC asked if he learned how to play the piano since elementary school. YC wanted to say he learned it on his own but he forgotten the word in Jap, so the MC told him to say it in Korean but he said he has forgotten how to say it. Even in English, he says he forgot
  • YC: Junsu asked me to try playing 'Begin' on the piano. I tried playing for a bit but I realized I couldn't play much. I've forgotten how to play. MC asked when he started playing. YC said he bought a piano in high school to play the song his mom likes. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • YC asked what fans had for dinner last night. Fans said unagi (eel) rice. YC asked if eels are also good for women [via KISS_JYJ]
  • YC said 3 JYJ members met up and talked as they drank. He said JS doesn't drink but because he hasn't met JJ for so long, he had a drink too
  • But after 30mins, JS said he can't drink anymore. YC said JS's alcohol tolerance is bad.
  • YC said JJ and himself drank till the next morning and JJ even fell asleep in between.
  • YC said while filming dramas, he bought car. 1992 Porsche and a 1966 Ford Mustang which is a treasure. [via 6002x2601]
  • (During BBQs) YC said JJ makes the stew, he grills the meat and Junsu...(he paused to think) then said Junsu eats [via 6002x2601]
  • During TGWSS FM, Junsu's message was in Korean so YC said he asked Junsu why he spoke in Korean. Junsu said because he's weak in Japanese
  • YC said he has seen ghost before. When he was young and recently. It was in the house he lived in previously. He sensed a presence and woke up. There was a man hovering around his bed. He thinks it might have been his dad. [via sunfa0869]
  • Q: The most precious thing you can't live without. YC: Family.
  • Q: A gift you gave yourself? YC: None.
  • Yuchun says today was even more fun compared to yesterday, thank you. [via 6002x2601]
  • Today's the last day in Nagoya. Though there's still a fanmeeting in Yokohama, it's all ending soon. Once next week passes, we can't meet again. But there's still Junsu will work hard like we do as 3 so, please show him lots of love [via 6002x2601]
  • YC: It's a pity...Even though I'd like to meet you all again, what can I do? Let's meet again. [via 6002x2601]

  • Starting!!
  • Spring in the background...with YU looking so dashing in white shirt and black pants
  • He's smiling...and so are his eyes!!!!!!
  • Greeting fans at the side of the stage...waving and smiling continuously.
  • He was given watermelon juice tonight
  • Oh he spotted fans in Yukata...he pointed at them and said "oh Yukata!"
  • Showing airport pics of bb...He cant seem to recall where some pics have been taken, fans in front surprisingly knew which airports
  • Pics from Miss Ripley are being shown
  • The scene from Ms Ripley where bb was so giddy and excited after getting the girl's number...awwwww he was so shy hahhahaha
  • 3days...the training scene was shown
  • Camera focused on his legs...he suddenly moved to the side to cover his legs but there was another camera on the side hahahahaa
  • Sensory couple...the audition scene was shown.....we missed the "CHUUUURRRR" part!!!!!!
  • JYJ concert pics now
  • doing gwiyomi...and MC asked him to do it onstage!!!!!!
  • Pic of him sleeping...he asked the staff why this pic was shown hahhaha
  • Pic of him in xmas tree costume! So cute!
  • Guests have arrived, same ones as last night...with same outfits too kekekkee
  • Oh and with wine glasses too
  • talking to the lucky fan on the phone...calling the fan on stage
  • Lucky ajumma was trembling after he held her chin!!
  • Lucky fans were called to play games with bb...all fans coming from the arena section! Lucky lucky ones!
  • jumping rope with the lucky holding her hand as they jump together!!!! And the fan slipped...her knees must have weakened
  • 1st fan won a bell with his sign and pic with him, 2nd fan won a crossbody bag with his sign and pic...he's not doing chunfaces tonight tho
  • 3rd fan who won got a cap from him and he put it on her
  • has to hit the numbers using gold club. Because he didnt hit any number...his consequence was to write his name using his butt hahahhahaha
  • Time for Chef Yu
  • He's chopping the spring onions
  • He's preparing noodles
  • put the ingredients so nicely on the noodle soup...
  • Lucky fans tasting the noodle soup now
  • The 3rd fan was so nervous her hands were shaking as she tastes the noodles

  • Yoochun fringe is down today. Smiling & singing WWHIS. he's more casual today ^^ with half sleeves.
  • About his future GF. Attention all chunsas. - When Im back from work, Shower water, pyjamas, beers etc are all prepared. It will be the best. First, will be hug, talk alittle. Then a nice bathe, together will be ok too. After work, I too need some time alone. So, I would also like some time alone.
  • Yoochun choose golf today. He said he haven been playing golf recently because the weather is too hot.
  • Golf ball hit number 4. Yoochun have do tongue twister "she sells sea shells by the seashore".
  • Yoochun said he haven been speaking english for long. So he failed tongue twister “she sells sea shells by the seashore” for the first try. After 3 try, he said its so difficult. But eventually he succeeded. ^^

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