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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150711 Yoochun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ~ALL ABOUT YU~ in Nagoya (Day 1)

  • MC: How many times have you been to Japan? YC: 50 times? Perhaps 100 times since 2004
  • MC: You have many pairs of shades. YC: Yes, many. MC: How many? YC: Many. MC: Why do you wear them? YC: Because I'm shy
  • MC: What type of female airport fashion do you like? YC: Dress, it looks feminine. MC: Put up your hand if you're wearing dress! YC: Can't see
  • Showing a picture of JYJ's rehearsal where YC was pointing at someone from behind saying the one with the full butt must be Junsu
  • Showing the ddeokukki-cider kissing scene. MC asked YC if he does this with his girlfriend too. YC says if he has a gf in real life, he would want to give her a kiss every morning. But rather than kiss, he prefers "ppo ppo"
  • MC asked what's the difference between a kiss and "ppo ppo". YC said ppo ppo is just a touch on the lips but kissing is like giving your all
  • Talking about hairstyle. YC says he's different from JJ and JS. Both of them like to use hairspray but YC doesn't. He prefers to be natural
  • Asked if he prefers bikini or swimsuit, YC said instead of comparing the design of the swimwear, the body shape is more important.
  • Asked what color swimming trunk he likes to wear, YC said lemon color. Asked what color swimwear he likes a girl to wearvhe said light color
  • Q: What do you do when you wake up? YC: Drink water.
  • Q: What do you do before going to bed? YC: Watch TV.
  • Q: What are the 3 things you would bring with you if you were to go to an uninhabited island? YC: Knife, fire, alcohol.
  • Fan said she wishes YC would help her if she's drowning. YC said he would hand her a rescue float and let her help herself up because that will be more efficient
  • YC claims that he has never fed a girl apart from doing that in his fanmeetings
  • If YC wants to eat something, it doesn't matter if his gf says it's disgusting. He would still eat it.
  • Q: Ramyeon? Or noodles with sauce? YC: Ramyeon because I like drinking soup.
  • YC says he doesn't like to use emoticons when texting. And he doesn't like texting because it's troublesome. Instead, he prefers phone calls
  • YC likes to look at girls tying their hair
  • YC says he drink Platycodon flower everyday because he heard that it's good for asthma
  • YC said he met JJ and JS. JS came after his musical. He said JJ told him to tell fans he's working hard in the army and don't forget him
  • Q: How long do you bathe? YC: Around 15 mins. I did lower-body bath today too.
  • Q: How do you dry your hair? YC: I leave it to dry naturally. I never use treatment or rinse. My hair turns greasy after 2 hours.
  • Q: What if an insect gets into your tent? YC: Then I'll get out. Or I'll make it flee. [Cr babyskymicky, via 6002x2601]
  • If Yuchun sets his cellphone wallpaper, it would be a photo of his pet dog exposing its belly [Cr babyskymicky, via 6002x2601]
  • Q: Why do you wear shades? YC: I'm embarrassed about showing my bare face and it's close up. This is image making. [via 6002x2601]

  • YC trying to speak Nagoya-ben~ www
  • He ate Yama-chan's tebasaki. Chicken wings local to Nagoya. We ate there last night www
  • He likes seeing girls in Yukata. He saw a fan in front wearing one and said she's cute. ~~
  • My airport fashion can be described as 'bizarre' www
  • They are showing YC airport pics~
  • Pic was shown of him wearing a wifebeater(?). He said it was in 2005 and he was super confident at that time www
  • drama history is next~ showing pics of his old drama
  • Clip of skka drama with Jj singing for you it's separation... ^^
  • Skks kissing scene!!! Fans are going crazy haha
  • And yc was like u already saw this right... Why u still react the same www
  • MC asked him Does your heart go doki doki during the kissing scene~~ he is so embarrassed
  • Next are photos from rooftop prince
  • The elevator scene in RTP hahaha
  • He said he still keeps in contact with his 'bodyguards' in rtp ~^^
  • YC said There is difference bet kiss and chu(smack). Kiss has more feelings.
  • He cant remember where the latest pic is from so he asked someone and learned it's from membership week~^^
  • The Mc is always praising him making him shy
  • I like a lighter make up for myself, more natural
  • I got gel manicure a month ago. Dunno how to remove it, waiting for it to be removed (naturally)
  • Women's swimwear - he likes yellow (lemon) for one piece and blue for bikini. He said but in bikini u care more about body line than color w
  • Favorite season is autumn/fall
  • It's season where you can hold someone. Dont like summer (hot)
  • I like to watch tv before falling asleep
  • I like drinking the ramen soup from the bowl
  • I take a bath for 15 minutes. I also like my hair to dry naturally
  • YC put on a fake moustache(?) so cuteee
  • Special guest is renaissance
  • Now that fan can say she got a call from YC~~ luckyyyy^^
  • The fan is now on stage
  • Her name is Nami. YC called her Na-chan~~ and he said she's cute
  • YC pat her hair. It got a bit dishelved so he fix it for her. Awww~ they also took a photo together and YC signed for her~
  • Change clothes. Yellow sweater and jeans and sneakers
  • His pedometer fell lol. But fan san is very energetic. Contest was who will have the most number of steps.
  • YC lost again but he was so energetic. Everyone cant believe it www
  • Fans shouted YC fighting!
  • YC put his arm around fan-san's shoulder~~^^
  • Fan-san 2 got a hat with sign
  • He needs to eat lemon hahaha. His facial expression
  • He's gonna make a crepe. But he doesnt know how to www

  • Q. What did you eat in Nagoya? Yoochun: It's in Yamachan because I wanted to eat chicken wings. (Chicken wings = nagoya's specialty) cr:도피
  • Q. The taste of it? Yoochun: It has a taste? was salty. It's because of the Tare sauce. cr: 도피
  • Q. Other food that you ate? Yoochun: I was full because I ate more than 10 chicken wings. cr: 도피

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Translated by: rubypurple_fan + yochwennie + paulisteu
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