Monday, July 27, 2015

[TRANS] 150726 SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Osaka Special Edition (Day 2)

  • Changmin will return to Korea today. He already finished his solo because the set list was changed. (ymamylim)
  • Changmin: You will wait, right? Fans: YES~ Said that he did the last stage in his 20s together with everyone, so he's really lucky (kdy1294)
  • Changmin translating Eunhyuk XD - Changmin: You like Super Junior~? You like Tohoshinki~? You like President Lee Soo Man~? That~ (laughs)
  • "Together with Yunho as Tohoshinki...we'll return. Will you wait?" Changmin's smiling face suddenly changed to a serious one."
  • "And when the venue filled with red shouted, "I will wait!" He softly laughed and said, "I believe you."

  • After singing Bolero, Changmin looked around the venue with such an endearing eyes. cr.chanmi_max
  • Bigeast will wait for the two to return (from army) safely. Because changmin believe it, we feel relieved. cr.changmi_max
  • CM: Today is the last I stand on dome stage in my 20s.Everyone,please wait til yunho&me,the two of us comeback.I'll believe you. c.exoncolu
  • Changmin didn't appear in SMT last song 'HOPE'
  • CM: There is live viewing in the whole country, everyone (who see live viewing) are you watching this?? Fans in the venue: KYAA~ CM: Not you.

"not just me, Yunho too, the two of us…we want to stand before you all as Tohoshinki so you'll wait ok? I trust you"

Credits: As tagged + Vyoback + pommepomme10
Translated by: joeylfy + paulisteu + bigeastonao + TVXQSound
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