Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[TRANS] 150721 From Star 【U-KNOW】 We..will meet again ^_^*

To. Cassiopeia And Bigeast fans~♡

Everyone~♬ Hello. This is Yunho.

Finally, the time for me to enlist has come~♬
By the time you see this letter, I would have gone in for army training right??

At the moment, we're having a final farewell party with family and friends at my home~ One by one the words are coming out..

We've been together since the tough days, fun days, happy days and now this day has come ^_^* Me, the former student...will be going to the army..(It's because I'm 30 years old right??)
In hindsight, there are many things that I am sorry for ^_^*

Truthfully..I wanted greet all of you before enlisting. But I wanted my mindset to be filled like an artist's dream for the first time, not as U-know Yunho but as the person, Jung Yunho.. (Because) I wanted to start growing..I decided on going in privately. If I looked at your faces again, I'm scared that (my resolve) will weaken..

I've always been assiduous with my own style but once I'm discharged from the army, that may change.. I'll come back as an even more intense, cooler monster!

Thank you so much for always supporting (me) up until now...
Please always continue to support (me)..
I promise we will meet again on stage...
We..will meet again ^_^*

I love you..

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Credits: TVXQ Official Site
Translated & shared by: Tohosomnia


  1. 1. U look young 2. The word 'artist' was beautifully wrote. 3. See U soon.

  2. ^ haha I totally came here to say how that haircut makes him look like a little kid; like a Peanuts character even.

    Short and sweet farewell note. You can become as cool as you want to be Yunho, just don't lose that childlike spirit! I'll miss him - his face, his energy, his good deeds.