Saturday, July 18, 2015

[TRANS] 150718 Junsu Twitter Update - 200th Musical Show


It was said that the musical show one hour later will be my 200th show~ The time was neither short nor long..At the very least, I wish to express my gratitute to all the audiences who cried, laughed, clapped with all your might together with me during my activities as a (musical) actor of so many works.

From that nervousness when I stood on the stage of the first musical named 'Mozart'..To the stage of today's Death Note showing soon..At the very least, each single day, every show, every scene, every song; keeping the promise to myself that I won't do it negligently..It was possible because of every one who was looking out for the insufficient me.

The 200th show today will become 300th show and although I don't know I will advance until where..At the very least, I promise that I will do my very best for every show like now till the moment I'm still standing on the stage. To every one who are coming to watch the 200th show today..Thank you for also being together with me today

Credits: Junsu's Twitter
Translated by: Shinkipeia
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