Monday, July 6, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150706 Changmin - SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Tokyo Special Edition (Day 2)

  • Ichigo!!!!! (vid)
  • We Are
  • They changed outfit haha
  • We Are: Changmin Xiumin Suho Baekhyun Key
  • We Are T. The chant is jjanggggggg (vid,vid)
  • Changmin Baekhyun hug!!!!
  • Changmin And Baekhyun same cart. Baekhyun went on cart first then Changmin followed, Baek opened the cart for Changmin to jump in.
  • Changmin held Baekhyun then gave Baekhyun a very tight huggggg
  • Somebody to Love (vid,vid,vid)
  • at the ending pose Changmin raised his arm high but since he wore tank top his armpits was revealed so he quickly covered his armpit lol
  • Mirotic!!! (vid,vid)
  • Rusty Nail (vid - full LQ)
  • Wow red everywhere (vid whoaa~)
  • Just wow
  • Ment (vid - full LQ)
  • Awwww Changmin teared up, he did the T at the end.
  • Bolero ~
  • Last song Hope
  • smtown Tokyo ended

  • Changmin is so hyper compared to yesterday!!!
  • we are and STL collab with exo again today!
  • Today, fans are loud too!! The chant for We Are and STL are so loud Im happy!!! We did the T again!
  • When CM went into the cart, we shouted so loud! My bae
  • At the end of we are, Changmin did the T again :) always and always T!!
  • Changmin shouted: We Are? Fans: T!!!! We did it many times! Many fans raised their lightstick!
  • Baek went into the cart followed by changmin, he opened the cart for changmin and they hug
  • today changmin also wear yunho's costume for mirotic!!!
  • Anyway, changmin didnt kiss baek on the lips okay
  • Changmin sang mirotic with taemin and minho too.
  • I dont remember yunho and changmin position in mirotic dance but changmin always in the front, guess he took YH's dance position :)
  • When Changmin appeared and sang Rusty Nail, fans were shouting and the venue turned red ocean for him!
  • Changmin said Yunho couldn't come due to some circumstances but I want to stand in this stage together (with Yunho) as Tohoshinki
  • He said he will back together (with YH) again
  • When Changmin said 'Well, the next song is...' Fans: EEEEEEEEE~ then he laughed
  • I feel like it's 東方神起 LIVE for a moment
  • Changmin said he hope everyone will be still here by the time they comeback. That it is a promise.
  • I hope you'll wait... he said
  • the first time he said that
  • Anyway, at the end of Rusty Nail, Changmin did the T
  • SMT ended!

  • Changmin: "I think you already know but the next song is suuuuuper nostalgic. Please listen. Bolero." (cr. M6002H_WEareT)

  • Changmin kept on saying "We Are...." continuously so this fan cried, even during STL ;; (MyspringT)

  • Seeing the two little ponytails on changmin's head (during choki choki), my heart broke xD (cr: qingxin218)
  • Fanacct by ichikinosama: I want to cry. The whole stadium's "WE ARE T", the red ocean. Really really touched, wanna cry
  • Changmin got intot he moving cart, and hugged baekhyun for a very long time and even kissed him! (Cr: ichikinosama)
  • Bunny0904 wondered during the D&E's collab stage with Changmin, how many insoles he actually wore to be abt CM's height
  • the SUM advertisement vid featuring yunho!
  • red ocean during rusty nail!
  • Sandy said many fans at the venue were crying while Changmin was singing Bolero with kyuhyun n chen

Credits: As tagged + C-TREE生命树 + bigeastonao + raichanxd
Translated by: Paulisteu + tvxq_et_moi + TVXQSound
Shared by: DBSKnights



  2. IS IT SM TOWN OR CHANGMIN TOWN ????????????????///

  3. Since it a promise, you two please live healthily and happily.