Monday, July 6, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150705 Changmin - SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Tokyo Special Edition (Day 1)

  • Ichigo (with Minho & Kyuhyun)
  • Mackeral (ft. Xuimin)
  • We Are + Somebody To Love (ft. Xuimin, Suho, Baekhyun & Key)
  • Mirotic (ft. Taemin & Minho)
  • VCR - Yunho
  • Rusty Nail
  • Ment
  • Bolero (ft. Kyuhyun & Chen)
  • Hope (with SMTOWN)

  • Ichigo!!!! Kyu line vid,vid
  • OMG Xiumin Changmin stage!!!!!
  • Xiumin wearing fish hat and Changmin fish oil hat lmaooo
  • Changmin and Xiumin singing DBSK!!!!!
  • Suho Baekhyun tooooo
  • Changmin Suho Baekhyun Xiumin singing the We are T song...
  • Ohhhh Key came out too!!
  • DB5K by Changmin Xiumin Suho Baekhyun Key
  • Somebody to love
  • Wow red everywhere
  • Almost everyone around me has T lightsticks wow
  • Mirotic with Changmin Taemin!!!! Minho too!!!
  • Mirotic by Changmin Taemin Minho
  • Wow they wear super low-cut shirt
  • VCR with Yunho Minho Baekhyun
  • Yes it's CM for SUM Japan, with Yunho Minho Baekhyun. The VCR with them creating designing stuffs (SUM goods)
  • Woah some Bigeast around me cried seeing Yunho in the VCR

  • Changmin made a heart using both of his hands in front of his eyes. (minminmin218)
  • When Yunho appeared on the promotional video, the voices of the fans were so loud. The design of the jewelry was goodㅠㅠ (yunhokku)
  • Changmin: Everyone wanted to meet me?? I serious~~~~ly wanted to meet you (all). (ymamylim)
  • Changmin who was alone waving his towel in the main stage after shouting "TOKYO DOME!!!!" that was always done by Yunho in Somebody to Love.
  • When the people were standing near Changmin during the end, a familiar dancer did the "We are T" pose. (ymamylim)
  • (ymamylim) When Rusty Nail started playing... THSK fan: Opens red penlight, starts screaming then crying. Other fans: ?????????

  • Even though he wear stawberry head CHANGMIN IS GORGEOUS
  • Changmin sang Saba wearing omega hat and white coat 😂😂😂 he is funny
  • Changmin sang We are and Somebody to love with Exo!!
  • 5 ppl singing We are and Somebody to love. It's Changmin, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Key and Suho...
  • Changmin sang MIROTIC Japanese ver. with Minho and Taemin
  • Btw, Changmin sang his parts okay. the rest by exo/SHINee
  • Yunho in VCR... at least we can see him on the screen
  • By the time the venue turned to red, I feel so emotional.
  • I was shocked when the melody of bolero start, but more shocked when kyu&chen appeared. Then I realize Bolero can't be sing by one person
  • I think all bigeast cried
  • CM said he wanted to come with Yunho but YH couldn't (because enlistment) so he came alone.
  • Someday he'll together with YH again
  • CM was talkng about YH in Ment,Kyu came to stage,bring him towel&water, then went back.CM:He's handsome&good at singing,that's Shim's staff
  • At the End of STL changmin did the T
  • During Hope, Xiumin always stand next to Changmin
  • Changmin smiled when he saw the red ocean :)
  • At the end of Bolero, CM's eyes were red
  • Changmin wore Yunho's costume during Mirotic

  • Changmin, suho, xiumin and key singing "we are" and "somebody to love" (cr: bunny0904)
  • When changmin said "We Are", the whole stadium went "T!!!!!!!" (Cr: shimpurple)
  • Changmin performing mirotic with taemin and minho (cr: qingxin218)
  • They played the ad of Yunho promoting his new necklace selling in SUM store (cr: qingxin218)
  • Changmin did a "T" to the cam😭😭😭😭😭shim changmin😭😭😭😭😭😭i thot after 2012 i wont hear this song again😭😭😭😭😭 (cr: qingxin)
  • CM: we'll be back as two again really soon (cr: qingxin218)

Credits: As tagged + raichanxd + bigeastonao
Translated by: tvxq_et_moi + paulisteu
Shared by: DBSKnights

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  1. Thank u changmin.. Super daebak that u can bring old songs for us.. I love you~~~