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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150701 Yoochun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ~ALL ABOUT YU~ in Osaka (Day 2)

  • (cr:jjnacchann) Yoochun said that the place where he most wants to go in Japan is Okinawa, where the 5 members went before.
  • (cr:lo3ol6002tv5xq) The place where he likes in Japan is Okinawa. He said that he went there for filming, during the 5 members' days. And, about Takoyaki. He said that he made it once before, and asked the fans "you know I've made it once". I know what you are saying, Yoochun...
  • (cr:natchan_tvxq) A street musician is singing "Tokiwo Tomete" near Osaka-Jo Hall !!! (where Yoochun's fan meeting was held today.)
  • (cr:yj___milky) MC: Yoochun-san, is there any difference between Tokyo and Osaka? YC: Well, the Osaka girls wear a lot of makeup! \ Oh, he is watching so closely the girls xDD
  • (cr:JejuMegu1120) Q: Who do you want to meet the most now? YC: JAEJOONG♡ (immediately)
  • (cr:0125tomop) The place where Yoochun wants to go... is Okinawa. He said that he went there during the 5 members' days for filming or something. He was talking about it nostalgically, with a soft face.

  • Q. Place you want to visit in Japan? Yoochun: Okinawa. I've been there for a photoshoot when we were five. So, I want to go again. (dopi)
  • After watching Shin Sekyung's video message - YC: It's short...She's (speaking) fast...I'll call her later. Fans: EHH~ YC: ...I'll not call.
  • Opening Ment - Yoochun: Ah, everyone, please sit... MC: Yoochun with good manners like this! Everyone, please sit! Yoochun: Please sit.
  • Yoochun: I'll have an eyebrow tattoo. Fans: EHHHH!!! Yoochun: ...I'll not do it. I was worried for a few months... (dopi_yjbrownie)
  • Q. Is your hairstyle in dramas based on your decision? Yoochun: I decide (after) I consulted the director. (dopi_yjbrownie)
  • Q. Person that you want to meet right now? Yoochun: Jaejoong. It's because I haven't seen him these days. ;; (dopi_yjbrownie)

  • Q: What is your fav place in Japan? Yoochun: Okinawa, when we were still 5 we went there for photoshoot. I want to go once more. Src. 薇鸯竹落
  • The reason why a fan like Yoochun: Because Yoochun likes Junsu 😂😂😂 src. 薇鸯竹落
  • Favourite idol: Junsu The person Yoochun wants to meet now: Jaejoong. src. 薇鸯竹落

  • MC: Is our sea beautiful? (showing background pic of the sea) YC: Yes, it's the same as yesterday. You didn't have to ask again. Hahahaha
  • Showing a pic of Yuchun's hip hop self back in the US. YC couldn't stop laughing after looking at it and said "뭐야..(what's this?)"
  • There was a video message by Shin Sekyung. Yuchun says he will call Shin Sekyung after this.
  • YC said he was looking at his debut pictures while eating yesterday and he wishes to go back to his debut days
  • Watching clips selected by fans. YC: Are they the same as yesterday's? MC: No, how can we show the same clips?
  • They are showing a funny clip of Jungwoo singing Magic Castle in Missing You
  • YC says he will be eating at a restaurant Heechul went before
  • Watching the omurice scene from Rooftop Prince. MC: Do you like omurice? YC: I prefer curry rice.
  • Watching a scene from Miss Ripley when they were discussing about proposals, YC still said that he wants to propose while driving
  • YC likes the wedding scene from Rooftop Prince the most because he has never before cried as much as he did in that scene
  • Today's video message is from SSK. YC says her message was too short, so he will call her later. Fans screamed and YC said he's shocked
  • YC said that to prevent his cap from falling in the train fighting scene in 3 Days, they used clip to keep it in place
  • Yuchun looked at himself in the wedding scene of Rooftop Prince and said, "So young..." and he still recalls that he and HJM could not stop crying after filming that scene.
  • YC dislikes the scene in SKK Scandal where he jumped into the stream. He was afraid he would drown and the water looked so cold it'll kill
  • YC said he wants to tattoo his eyebrows but fans objected so he said he won't be doing it. He has been considering it for a few months.
  • YC says he can naturally tell JJ that he loves him but Junsu...JJ is gentle and he gets jealous easily. But he doesn't know what JS's mind
  • YC doesn't express his feelings to Junsu that much because he doesn't know what's in Junsu's mind. And he feels shy around Junsu
  • YC also said he still feels nervous when he's with Junsu even they've known each other for 10 years. He still treats Junsu with respect
  • Yuchun went for pedicure with Yuhwan after his movie filming ended. He had Captain America's shield drawn on his thumb.
  • MC: Do you like your own voice? YC: I've never thought about this but I think it's a little bit too low. But if it's mixed with Junsu ...YC started imitating Junsu's voice and JJ's laugh.
  • Q: When the three of you are together you sometimes blank out. YC: JJ's Japanese is good and Junsu is funny so that's enough. I'll blank out
  • Yuchun taking off his socks to show the Captain America shield drawing on his toe [via 弱气少年_]
  • Asked what's the most recent embarrassing event, YC said while filming Lucid Dream in Busan, he spent a few days with Yuhwan. They went for pedicure for the first time and he had Captain America's shield drawn on his big toe.
  • YC said the manicurist kept touching his toe so he felt shy. Though it was a good experience, he would never do it again.
  • Q: Have you done bungee jump? YC: *shaking his head* If a drama has a bungee jump scene, I won't star in it.
  • Q: What do you think if a girl proposes first? YC: It's better for the man to do it first.
  • Q: Do you want to be born again? YC: No
  • Q: What would you like to do if you have 10 days of holiday? YC: I want to see fireworks.
  • Q: Favorite place in Japan? YC: Okinawa
  • Q: Favorite color? YC: Red? Green? Blue.
  • Q: Underwear color? YC: Wine red.
  • Q: The person who want to see the most? YC: Jaejoong
  • Q: Do you prefer girls with long hair? Or short hair? YC: It depends
  • Q: What food do you dislike? YC: Food with fishy smell/taste
  • YC said he feels kinda tired after making takoyaki. It's his last day in Osaka and it may take 2 years before he can meet fans again.
  • Fans called his name and he suddenly lost his train of thoughts.
  • Ending speech: Thank you for making good memories for me in Osaka. I would like to come again. Today is my last day in Osaka. When I come again, let's meet with smiling faces. (He was going to say something else but he held back). Let's save this for later.
  • While singing Found You, he yelled Junsu's name again when it came to Junsu's part
  • MC asked if he likes Song Yuhyeon's hairstyle. Yuchun says he doesn't really like it because it looks dumb [via 6002x2601]
  • Asked if there's a fixed song he must sing when he goes to the karaoke, YC says there's no fixed song but there's one song which he always picks. Toshinobu Kubota's song but the notes are too high so it's difficult to sing. [via 6002x2601 , Cr lovemickysmile6]
  • YC commented that the people in Osaka has heavier makeup than people in Tokyo [via 6002x2601, Cr lovemickysmile6]

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