Saturday, July 11, 2015

[PHOTOS] 150711 Changmin at Super Junior SS6 Encore Concert in Seoul

  • Changmin is really hyper at SJ's concert now, and he was laughing hard during Kyuhyun's self introduction! Src. JYT
  • SJ's dancing choki wa on stage and Changmin's following them below the stage. He's dancing while stuffing food in his mouth. 😂 Src. JYT
  • Changmin danced harder than the fans (ELFs) beside him. In the end, his manager and Chanyeol left to give him more space. 😂 Src. JYT
  • "Changmin was so cute because he drank so much water and when he wanted to drink again, he realized there's no water already." Src. 小夕
  • Changmin danced so zealously his shirt was pulled up and his tummy can be seen, then he consciously pulled it down. Src. 小夕
  • Changmin stuff food into his mouth while looking at fans. →_→ Src. 小夕

  • Seems like Changmin -may not- be appearing on stage as he is seated on the second storey, watching f: _JYT_
  • Changmin is seated nxt to chanyeol. Along w chen, baekhyun, xiumin. f: 小夕_最爱萌萌沈宝贝
  • Changmin is really (Kyu's) true love; he was really high; esp at Kyuhyun's introduction. OP was afraid he would pass out laughing f: _jyt_
  • changmin and the exo boys seem to have left their seats _jyt_ (no idea if it's for awhile or for the rest of the concert)
  • Changmin & company have returned, just in time for his true love's solo (kyuhyun's). All the while, line of sight trained on him f: _jyt_
  • kyuline is slowly appearing.. choi minho has arrived at the concert too f:小夕_最爱萌萌沈宝贝
  • Changmin kept waving the light stick and while jumping, danced a lot to chokiwa

Credits: As tagged + Yunho_luv_Rona
Translated by: snxy + yunajery
Shared by: DBSKnights

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