Wednesday, July 8, 2015

[NEWS] 150707 SM Confirms TVXQ’s Changmin Will Be Enlisting Before the End of the Year

SM Entertainment confirmed that TVXQ‘s Changmin will be enlisting to active duty sometime before the end of the year, promising a comeback as the complete two-member TVXQ after two years.

“Changmin has recently applied for the police forces and been accepted,” a rep from SM Entertainment revealed on July 7. “Changmin will be enlisting sometime within the year.”

While Yunho will be enlisting on July 21 and temporarily leaving fans’ side with his web drama “I Order You” as his last work, the news of Changmin’s enlistment comes as a surprise for many fans. This is Yunho’s last year to enlist, but Changmin, who was born in 1988, still has another two years until he has to. While there was some speculation as to whether Changmin would engage in solo activities, it seems that “Scholar Who Walks the Night” may be his last work before enlistment.

Many are suggesting that Changmin applied to the police forces in order to move his enlistment date up so that TVXQ can make a comeback as soon as possible as a team. An industry insider shared, “It seems that they also know that they have a synergistic effect when they are together as opposed to when they are apart.” They added, “It seems that we can look forward to TVXQ’s comeback in two years.”

Meanwhile, Changmin is currently hard at work filming for his new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Scholar Who Walks the Night.”

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  1. It's touching to realize how deep their connection and friendship is, from the fact that Changmin is willing to enlist 2 years before military just to make TVXQ duo complete as soon as possible. You guys are such a positive influence on each other. Throughout the last 5 years, you have had only each other to rely on and trust. Love you both till the end.