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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150630 Yoochun Fanmeeting Japan Tour ~ALL ABOUT YU~ in Osaka (Day 1)


  • (cr:kao2yy) He said "Please do not forget JYJ, and, also the two members, who are doing their best."
  • (cr:kao2yy) During his message, he also said that he wanted to express his gratitude to the members who had been together for 11 years.
  • (cr:kao2yy) After saying "Please support JYJ", he also said "the 2 members, too" The next song started immediately, so I took his words as..
  • (cr:lovemickysmile6) As everyone knows, there are only two months left. If there is more time, I think I could have done more. Please do not forget about me, and also about JYJ. And please also support the 2 members, who are doing their best.
  • (cr:M6002H_WEareT) YC: Did you think that today's event was short? Fans: Please do your best! YC: Yes, I'm doing my best. There is only two months left. If I had more time, I could have been more active in Japan, but I couldn't do so, so I feel sad and lonely. Please do not forget about me, and about JYJ. And, also the two members, who are doing their best.
  • T/N: about the "two members" that Yoochun said, he did not speak out the names. it is up to u to think of whom he implied. as always, i'm trying to trans correctly as possible, of YC's words, and of the tweets of the fans.

  • Yuchun is in white suit
  • Instead of kimochi (which means feelings), Yuchun accidentally said kimuchi (which means kimchi)
  • Showing Yuchun's baby photos but he looks reluctant
  • Yuchun's child photos which were shown today [via KISS_JYJ] pic.twitter.com/kOXevFoUWI
  • Song Joongki's message to Yuchun: Be healthy, don't hurt yourself and come back safely.
  • Song Joongki called him "Yuchun-ah..."
  • Song Oksook, who played Suyeon's mom in Missing You called and said she's close with Taeyang too. If there's time, she wants to have dinner together with Taeyang and Yuchun [via KISS_JY]
  • Fans selected a scene from Yuchun's drama which they do not wish to see the most. YC didn't get what that means and thought fans didn't want to see him. MC explained to him that that's not what i means. It means a scene they don't like to watch eg. kissing scene. The scene which was selected was Miss Ripley's proposal scene. YC said he will never propose that way.
  • Yuchun also says that he dislikes watching his proposal scene the most. If he proposes, he will do it casually and say, "Marry me."
  • YC said that he practiced 2~3 hours for the fighting scene in the elevator (3 days, ep 16) and filming took 7~8 hours. He was beaten and actually bled. He wants to film action scenes but thinks he can't do and doesn't want to do it anymore.
  • MC: How many pairs of shades do you have? YC: Not many. About 20~30 pairs.
  • Yuchun said if he were to propose, he'd be driving and then casually/naturally say, "Let's get married. As simple as that is good enough.
  • Yuchun did Lasik and says that maybe because of that, his tears fall easily during crying scenes [via Jen_BabyLove]
  • MC asked YC why does he always touch his earpiece when singing. YC says if it's worn properly, he can't hear fans' voices. And he can also sing better if the earpiece is slightly looser.
  • Fans noticed that Yuchun's big toes stick out whenever he wears flip flops. YC says that's how he is.
  • YC's habit: When the three of them are together, he has the tendency to lean his arm on JJ ^^
  • YC says he will unconsciously lean his arm on JJ if JJ is next to him and but if it was Junsu standing next to him, he won't want to lean
  • Yuchun said his butt is flat so it doesn't look nice when he wears pants because there's no shape unlike Junsu. He's envious of Junsu's butt
  • Q: When you bathe, where do you start first? YC: Shoulders.
  • Q: What's the most surprising thing you saw in Japan? YC: People wearing short skirts and cycling.
  • Q: Do you like mountain or sea? YC: Sea
  • YC's bath procedure: Wet his hair, apply shampoo then leave it on and start brushing teeth. Then, wash off and start washing his body.
  • Q: Which role most resembles you? YC: Mugak.
  • Q: Which role is most different from you? YC: Taekyung.
  • Speaking about girls cycling with short skirts, Yuchun says if he comes across it, he will look because men will unconsciously look
  • Yuchun takes only 3 minutes to bathe [via KISS_JY]
  • Fans wrote their phone numbers when entering the venue. Yuchun is picking numbers to call now.
  • J-fans say they like YC with long hair. YC says he prefers short hair then there was bickering. In the end, YC says he can't keep his hair long anymore because he is running out of time ... [via KISS_JYJ]
  • YC is supposed to skip with fans hand-in-hand and face-to-face. The pair with the longest time wins. Fan 1 - 1, Fan 2- 2. Fan 3 - 0
  • The second fan was wearing skirt and Yuchun checked with her to see if she was alright ^^
  • Bingsoo making. 1st bowl: Ice cream + oats + cherry + condensed milk + red bean. 2nd bowl: Ice cream + orange + mango + nuts + dry fruits/veg
  • Yuchun said to the fans "You don't seem like you're keen on eating this. But just say it tastes good, okay?"
  • Yuchun would like to thank fans and his members whom he has been with for 11 years. He could come to where he is today despite going through unfamiliar grounds because he has fans+members. He wishes that everyone would live well and healthy. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Yuchun says that everyone should know that he only has 2 months left. He feels that if he still has time, he would do something more. He hopes that fans won't forget him and JYJ. And to also support his other 2 members (JJ+JS) who are also working hard. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • YC was singing Found You and when he arrived at Junsu's part, he shouted, "JUNSU!!" [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Q: Answering a question with a question? YC: That's perhaps my personality. [via 6002x2601, Cr. lovemickysmile6]
  • Adding on the YC's comment about girls in miniskirt on a bicycle, he says they could have worn short pants on the inside [via 6002x2601]
  • Q: Your big toe sticks out when you wear flip flops. YC: Because I've got good stamina (laughs). Because it's too strong, I can't eat eel or garlic. [via 6002x2601, Cr lovemickysmile6]
  • Q: One thing only you know? YC: Tears can only flow from one eye. It's not done consciously at all It's difficult to explain but perhaps it's because of Lasik. [via 6002x2601, Cr lovemickysmile6]
  • YC: I don't like going to haunted houses. It's not my style. There are more fun stuff than that. Not something scary but I'd like to star in horror movies. Someday I would like to try acting as a ghost. [via 6002x2601, Cr lovemickysmile6]
  • Q: Which hairstyle do you like? Long hair? YC: Personally, it's B or G for me. I prefer short hair. [via 6002x2601] pic.twitter.com/dvvYdu7b1j

  • Yoochun is with white suit & MC said his white suit is really dazzling.
  • MC: How many sunglasses do you have? YC: Not alot, around 20-30 pairs.
  • More private photos of yoochun tomorrow. YC: as long as its not photo of me in toilet or during shower its fine. 1 Fan shouted STRIPE.
  • Fan intention is to take a pic with yoochun with the drinks. YC: eh? We are not going to take a pic while drinking it?
  • Fan said she want to go to haunted house with Yoochun. But Yoochun said he don't want to.
  • Yoochun need to do skipping with fans. One of the fan is wearing short skirt. Yoochun want her to press on her skirt while jumping.
  • Make bingsoo? Kkkk. 3 lucky fans will be pick to try this one & only bingsoo by Yoochun ^^
  • As usual yoochun adding all sort of things to his bingsoo. XD MC said Yoochun`s bingsoo have a unbelievable smell.
  • Yoochun look at his fans and said , They don't seems like they want to eat it. lol.

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