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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150624 Yoochun - 'The Girl Who Sees Smells' Fanmeeting in Japan (Day 2)

  • MC asked the same question. What have you been doing after the drama? YC said "Don't you all know already?"
  • Yuchun introduced the teppanyaki he had yesterday
  • Yuchun's wearing a white jacket
  • MC: What does the female lead call you personally? YC: Oppa-ya. (Fan screams) Isn't that a normal way of calling?
  • YC says he's happy when the 3 of them have activities together and he misses JJ. He said he had teppanyaki last night, onion scallop + rice
  • When fans "booed" at him, he went "CHUUUURRR~~~" He did it twice today.
  • MC: What is Nam Goongmin like? YC: He's warm. MC: How warm? YC: Are there many types of warmness? He's a very courteous person.
  • If there are actions scenes, YC will practice in advance for 1-2 hours
  • YC says he wishes to have a younger sister.
  • In the script, the direction was to act on his own for "CHURRR" so Yuchun actually looked in the mirror at home and practiced a few times
  • MC: Do you feel nervous when filming romantic scenes? YC: Nervous.
  • MC: How do you prepare yourself for it? YC: By not eating garlic at all and listen to slow music.
  • YC said he obviously worked with Jo Heebong before in 3 Days but he himself couldn't recall.
  • Yuchun says he really wants to have a younger sister. Thinking of it makes him happy. He'll be willing to do anything for her. He wants to have a daughter after getting married and he thinks his daughter will be really pretty.
  • YC says eating scenes are difficult and his stomach hurts. The day before filming, he doesn't eat but drank only water.
  • YC says he's careful not to eat garlic before romantic scenes but normally, he eats a lot of garlic.
  • Yuchun interacting with someone in a costume
  • Scene reenactment: 1: Holding onto Chorim on the verge of the cliff. 2: Piggyback Chorim home
  • Fan problem 1: Her husband looks like Junsu. LMAO!

  • To reduce his nervousness, Yuchun up his fringe and is showing-off his proud forehead (cr:babyskymicky)
  • YUCHUN had teppanyaki last night. He had onion, scallops, meat and finally rice. (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun is real handsome too today (cr:babyskymicky)
  • He was ready to explain bout the drama but tonight MC did it for him so he puts his hand on his chest, relieved w (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun got nervous while checking the arena just now via monitor at his waiting room (cr:babyskymicky)
  • I was told I have sense for action scenes. I have sense for rhythm coz I danced & Junsu wrote many dance numbers (cr:babyskymicky)
  • When he heard OPPA fr audience, he went eh? Oppa? Just joking www Any teens here? "Hai" so he said no R-rated talk (cr:babyskymicky)
  • R u nervous abt romance scenes? Yes also high-spirit. Won't eat garlic prior & listen to upbeat songs. (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Before the audience surprise, Yuchun had this "you guys prepared it right?" face when sneaking peaks at the arena (cr:raiterie)
  • 10th anniversary celebration corner. At the surprise, Yuchun said he'll want to continue activities next 20-30 yrs (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Scared Yuchun at every motion the Chicchai Ossan made w (cr:raiterie)
  • Image of Yuchun's smell. Majority voted marine-type & fragrance expert made a mix for him. Yuchun likes non-strong (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun likes the marine-type fragrance (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Looks like Yuchun was really happy about having his own mix of fragrance made for him (cr:raiterie)
  • Presents today: ID card, name card, cap all used in the drama (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun used the female eye mask today. Very cute w (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun smelling & guessing what's in the box, this time 1 of the comedians w (cr:raiterie)
  • His guess? Hair smell! (cr:raiterie)
  • Yuchun got grapefruits, Japan soju, curry correct. Then came the comedian head, he touched & said animal? Human? (cr:babyskymicky)
  • When Yuchun made a gesture with his usual lips as if kissing, MC said oooh this lips, and Yuchun said it's a habit (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun joked that fans coming at him with the recording bear toy are like stalkers w (cr:raiterie)
  • Yuchun gets to piggyback a slightly heavy fan www (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun appeared piggybacking a fan and that fan said she's happy even if she dies now, Yuchun said she's very light (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Fan problem: Just breathing makes me put on weight and I can't stop. Yuchun: the only way is death wwwwww (cr:raiterie)
  • What diet would you suggest? Yuchun: I think it's not possible ww (cr:babyskymicky)
  • I won't allow my little sis to spend the night outside. I'll punch the guy! Sick & angry just imagining it www (cr;raiterie)
  • After the video msg last night Yuchun called the 2 Directors & they'll be coming to Osaka FM. Will catch up then (cr:raiterie)
  • If his mid school son said his GF wants to stay over? Yuchun: mid school? Too early no. High school ok, 20yrs old (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Envy Nam Goong Min's physic. Maybe I train too, I thought only for about 3 mins. Sorry everyone I'm this type of guy (cr:raiterie)
  • When Junsu was shown, he smiled "just this is already interesting" w (cr:raiterie)
  • Same video msg of Junsu but Yuchun still point his finger at Junsu and laughed hard ww (cr:raiterie)
  • Yuchun comment on Junsu msg: Well... a bit boring... every time it's the same right?.. I'll call him after this (cr:raiterie)
  • Hope to meet/talk with fans not at event but incidental. 2 mths left & I want to properly do my activities b4 going (cr:raiterie)
  • Let's meet again at the July fan meeting alright? (cr:raiterie)
  • Lastly, I love everyone (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Chacchatta again today. Yuchun changed into white shirt very handsone!!! Enjoying himself (cr:babyskymicky)

  • YC said he want a sister, he'd give everything! then fans shouted OPPAAAA
  • YC was "what? Oppai(boobs)? haha"
  • YC said if he get married he want a daughter
  • before doing any scene, yc said he wouldn't eat garlic and he would listen to upbeat music
  • Today's surprise is different (from yesterday! it's paper heart! yc said it's beautiful and said "I love you too" then he eat the cake
  • Yc doesnt like strong scent! okay!
  • YC wear female mask
  • doing game corner now smeling
  • He answered correctly again
  • lucky fan got an 'i love you' from yc w(:_;)w
  • YC did push up before the piggyback
  • Yc was asked about diet recommendation but he said it's impossible
  • then he said tt he didn't know any diet but maybe by walking or doing yoga is okay
  • Junsu's message on the screen and yc said js message is always the same and a little boring xD but he'll phone him today
  • YC:Thank u for coming. I'll continue to do any activities between these 2 months. See u at the fanmeeting next week. Everyone, I Love U

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Translated by: yochwennie + bigeastonao + Jen_BabyLove
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