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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150623 Yoochun - 'The Girl Who Sees Smells' Fanmeeting in Japan (Day 1)

  • There seems to be a flower paper surprise event celebrating Yoochun's 10th anniversary of his debut in Japan.
  • "10" will be made by the paper flowers which is placed in every seat. The timing of the event will be announced before YC appears on stage.
  • (cr: micky0423) JJ made a request to YC to speak a lot about himself (JJ) when YC went to Japan xD
  • (cr:mag_kaibigan) Haruna Ai is on stage
  • (cr:richun64) A man in his 20s on a shipl, falling in love with a girl at first sight ←Summary of Haemoo by Yoochun
  • (cr:_fuwafuwa_) JJ and I talked on phone at the airport for about 5 min. He requested me to talk a lot about him in Japan, so I'll talk a lot (about him) today xD
  • (cr:_fuwafuwa_) Looking at Dong-sik's photo, Yoochun said "oh, a fat man"
  • (cr:smile0051) Yoohcun is singing "Saiai"~♪
  • (cr: richun64) He is singing "Saiai" in jeans and a border T shirt. Oh, Yoochun...
  • (cr:park_cherry) Counseling session - No. 1 worry. "I love Yoochun so much so I couldn't fall in love with another man."←Yoochun "REALLY?!" | The second one "I keep on putting weight". Yoohcun←laughs aloud
  • (cr:park_cherry) What kind of sexual charms (of a lady) do you feel attractive? - YC "When she ties up her hair?!" "Should her back of her neck be... sexy?" Yoochun was sexy himself, saying so.
  • (cr:park_cherry) Q:How could a lady become sexy? - YC "Maybe you should do yoga exercises. If you do yoga, you should get a feminine body line."
  • Q "Yoochun, do you do yoga?" - YC "Nope (definitely)" Oh, he was saying before that he always plays games xDD He said that he is playing Dragon Quest xD
  • (cr:park_cherry) Junsu's video message. To Junsu, who is speaking in Korean, YC "Why are you speaking in Korean?!" Afterwards, he said "Jaejoong? Oh, isn't there there any video from JJ? xD " This was the first time he said "Jaejoong" (after the opening).
  • (cr:richun64) Final message: There is (a fan meeting) again tomorrow, so I'll speak tomorrow xD After I complete the schedules of July, I will go. Junsu will go, too. As for JYJ, we won't be able to be active for about 5 years. So, even though we will be 35 years old, we will dance our best xD I think that Jaejoong is doing his best in military, thinking about you all.
  • (cr:M6002H_WEareT) June 23 Yokohama Arena - Walking with her in the spring, Saiai, Thirty, Chajatta (encore)
  • (cr:richun64) Fan meeting ended. Balloons were falling from the ceiling at the very end. It was such a happy time. Yoochun, thank you!

  • MC: What have you been doing after the drama ended? YC: Nothing, just playing games at home.
  • They displayed a photo of JYJ. YC asked who's that? He was looking photos of the 3 of them on his phone last night and he misses those days
  • Yuchun mentioned that he called JJ ^^
  • Yuchun said he rang JJ when he was at the airport and they spoke for 5 minutes. He told JJ many things.
  • YC said JJ told him to mention more about him (JJ) when he (YC) is in Japan. Kkkk~
  • They played a romantic clip then MC said, "Next one." YC said, "That was too fast. What are you doing?"
  • The game which Yuchun had been playing at home is FINAL FANTASY. Kkkk~ [via KISS_JYJ]
  • The MC asked YC why is he sweating so much. And before that, the MC said even when YC's sweating, he still looks so good ^^
  • A female cast (not sure who) said YC looks delicious (in Korean) but what she actually wanted to say was, YC looks handsome. YC was shocked
  • Scene reenactment 1: The scene where Chorim wanted to get away (after her contact lens fell off) and Mugak held her back
  • Scene reenactment 2: Chorim almost got run over by a truck and Mugak pulled her back, holding her waist.
  • Q: What to do if I'm not attractive and not sexy. YC: Do yoga, then you'll have the S-line.
  • MC: What type of girl do you find attractive? YC: Girl with braided hair.
  • MC: What if I'm not attractive/sexy? YC: Do yoga, but I myself don't do it at all. Also, if you have many male friends, you won't be sexy. You need to make more female friends. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • YC says when a girl is in a relationship, she should be voice out what she wants to have and what she wants to eat. MC acted with him and said, "I want this necklace." YC responded, "Don't you already have many of those necklaces?"
  • MC: What should a girl do when dating? How should she show her aegyo and express herself? YC: She needs to say it out. For example, when going out together for a meal, don't say "anything is fine." You need to say, "I feel like thing this/that" (doing aegyo tone). MC: So, Yuchun you'll follow her even though it's not what you want to eat? YC: Sometimes, we'll decide using scissors, paper, stone
  • Yuchun was asked to say a few words but he said he thinks he doesn't need to say much because he will be meeting fans again tomorrow
  • When Junsu's video message was played, Yuchun asked, "Why isn't he speaking Japanese?"

  • Junsu's message to Yoochun at Jp FM!!!!
  • Junsu: I'll support you even when I'm in Korea! Mc: words fill with love.
  • Junsu speak in Korean language instead of Japanese ~
  • Junsu VCR: everyone having fun with Yuchun today? I'm in Korea now, I don't know when I'll be able to meet you guys happily like this. I hope everyone have a great blissful time with Yoochun~
  • Yoochun: I'll be good if there is VCR of Jaejoong!
  • Junsu VCR at Yoochun's JP FM!! ^^ his super cute voice!!!! (cr Ayahotate) vine
  • Yoochun: he will enlist when his July activities ended. After that It will be Junsu's turn.

  • YC talked about 5 min with Jae
  • Game corner focus on what was the smell.YC was to smells something and he answered correctly! Watermelon, Natto,spicy ramen and red snapper!
  • During the drama reproduction corner, fans were selected. 1st person name is Suzuka,2nd person named Suzuka too so Yuchun say "Suzuka~"
  • Drama corner, Yuchun "Good night Suzuka"

  • Fans will do fanproject after yoochun finish blowing the candle & smart YC knew it and ask "what are you all doing? & keep delaying his time
  • Fans will be acting this Yoochun. - 1. Oh chorim leaving & Mugak hold her hand to stop her from leaving. 2. Oh chorim almost got knock down by car & mugak pull her back.
  • Fans problem. 1. Cant get a boyfriend because they love Yoochun too much. 2. Gained weight. (When yoochun heard 2, he's really happy) lol.
  • How to break the curse of not being Sexy & Charming? YC: Do yoga~ you will have S line like this.
  • Yc said It will be nice if girls are frank with what they want or what they want to eat when they are in a relationship. So, MC acted with him. MC, ah! I really want this necklace. YC: Didnt you have alot already?

Walking with her in the spring | Sai Ai | Thirty | Chajatta

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