Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[TRANS] 150622 Junsu Twitter Update


Junsu: Entering the first week of the long schedule! Come on! Let's gain strength and go~~~^^ Let's see who will win k

Junsu: Certainly..Before the start of Death Note..I'm not so keen in sweet stuff. To be exact in saying, I'll purposely put in one or two pieces in my mouth when my condition is not good or else I won't lay my hand on sweet stuff. It's quite a difficulty while acting as L. I'll throw away the sweets and even spit once the scene ends..

Junsu: As compared to anything else, eating sweet stuff while acting is a difficulty..But humans are like that. After getting used to it. It's not that bad now. Of course it's still not that delicious feeling but I'll just hold it in my mouth ke I'm afraid my house will be filled with 'Chupa Chups' when Death Note comes to an end

Junsu: Of course I can take it if it's a fruit flavor..The rest I can't. It was cola-flavored when I tasted it at the first sweet scene today..It was a bit tough kekekek Because I would rather bite and swallow it ke

Credits: Junsu's Twitter
Translated by: Shinkipeia
Shared by: DBSKnights

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