Saturday, June 6, 2015

[TRANS] 150605 Junsu Twitter Update

Junsu: C-JeS Bowling Match..It's already the 2nd. Ah why are there so many staff raising their scores by cheating..ㅜㅜ You shouldn't be doing that no matter how big the amount of the prize money is! All these people who are full of desires kekeke

Junsu: Our team Sunchun-ie is doing great keke

Junsu: In the end, we were playing against Sunah noona's team for the revival round of losers and our team won for the minor league ke And for the major league, the team with the line-up of my manager and two staff from C-Jes Culture's PR team won! The second place was the team Changyong-ie hyung was in keke Thinking of that, the teams with C-JeS Culture's members swept all the prize money ke

Junsu: Changju hyung was watching and said this ke "Wah the vibe of Death Note is strong this time" keke Ah funny!

Junsu: Ah! But let's have an individual match among the people with confidence. Ahㅜㅜ I have the confidence to get 1st sobs..keke

Credits: Junsu's Twitter
Translated by: Shinkipeia
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