Saturday, June 27, 2015

[NEWS] 150626 Jun Sun Ah Mentioned Junsu in a Recent Interview

[by You-bin Ha, photo by Choi Seung Gwang] With an outstanding charisma and clear voice, Jung Sunah captivated fans’ heart for each musical performance. Fans often say that she was born to be a musical actress. From sorrow to elegance, she plentifully expressed her diverse charms and the whole shooting was unrolled like a musical.

Jung Sunah looked like she felt out of place at the studio at the beginning but she confided that it was really good to have that kind of experience.

She is actually playing the role of Misa in ‘Death Note’ and is once again proving her awesome talents. At the beginning, she was quite worried about the musical since it was based on a Japanese cartoon but now she is completely pulling the character off.

Also, she said that ‘Death Note’, consisting of excellent actors such as XIA, Park Hyena, Hong Kwangho and Kang Hongsuk, has great teamwork and is making a fantastic ensemble together.

She is actually very close with XIA. She confided that she had some prejudices on idol-turned musical actors but she changed her mind since she saw him training amazingly hard. Thanks to him, she completely broke the bias against musical actors who were an idol. Then she continued that she was able to perform in diverse exceptional works and be supported by fans due to him.

While talking about ‘Death Note’s characters, she said that Light, played by Hong Kwangho, is very attractive and charming since it’s a sharp and smart character. But in reality, she would choose XIA for his humorous and friendly personality.

Moreover, she added that musical actors must have a strong body since they always have to throw all of their energy on stage and hold on to long-running shows. For this, she always eats healthy foods and maintains her body by doing lots of sports.

When we asked her about her thoughts after appearing in ‘Radio Star’, she said while laughing, “As I have a straightforward personality, I was a little bit afraid to say something bad on TV so I pretended to be coy”. (photo by bntnews DB)

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