Thursday, May 7, 2015

[VIDEO] 150506 Yoochun - SBS Late Night TV Entertainment


  • Yuchun, "Actually if there is a feeling which I can eliminate, that would be sleepiness. I want to get rid of the feeling of fatigue."
  • Yuchun, "It's always fluttering when filming romance scenes but the most fluttering was the scene where I waited in front of Chorim's house"
  • Among lover, my girl and girlfriend, Shin Sekyung chose to be called 'my girl' ^^
  • Yuchun thinks Chorim's unkempt appearance is fine and he thinks it looks pretty good but Shin Sekyung thinks otherwise.
  • Asked how can Mugak feel anything during kissing scenes since he's senseless, Yuchun said it's instinct. Different from feelings. And he had to quickly recover from that by saying his heart is pure.

Credits: 꽃으로도때리지말라
Translated by: yochwennie
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