Saturday, May 30, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150530 Yoochun - Housewarming Party: Ep.2 (Day 1)

  • MC: What do think of JJ and JS? YC: occasionally I will think what will JJ hyung do if he is not an entertainer but hyung is an entertainer because his self-management is particularly good. This is actually very tired, my mom would sometimes say: learn more from JJ ah. As for JS, is a good example of becoming an entertainer, I often will say when see JS, it would be good to be able to give birth to a son like JS, felt happy/fortunate everytime when see him, he is really very innocent... cr:火柴wing
  • MC: If you will a normal student, which kind of celebrity would you like? YC: Kim Dong Ryul.. cr:火柴wing
  • js made a call to yc during the event... and yc said he miss js alot now and asks js can't he come to the event venue now... cr:火柴wing
  • yc most impressive bday gift is handwritten letter,would look at it regardless whether received while shooting or other times cr:火柴wing
  • Reason for not using SNS? YC: can't managed well the account myself, last time abit repulse, recently a little concerned. Do not really like these kind of official things. Do not know everyone will be hurt if you heard this but not really willing to accept too much attention, prefer to meet everyone through production and music... but Fanmeeting is an exception. cr:火柴wing
  • there's yc cooking segment...

  • Junsu called Yoochun and sang Birthday song to him!!
  • Yoochun writing using his sexy butt!!!! ♡♡ (Cr xiaholic0420)
  • Yoochun failed to complete his mission with Junsu, so his punishment is to write Using his butt!!
  • Yoochun's butt look really SEXY today!! (cr 佳能乃)
  • Yc: Please don’t be too over, Junsu ah, Can I go MT too? I miss you , can you come here now?
  • Junsu started greeting fans and yoochun keep saying "Hanging up, hang up the phone"
  • Yoochun: I always say this when I see Junsu.“It will be good if I have a son lik him~ Always very happy when I see him, he’s really innocent
  • Junsu ah, I like Junsu very much. Because I didn’t know he attended some program on TV, he felt abit disappointed
  • I felt very tired and confuse during that period. But because of it, I found out There’s this side of Junsu. Cheerful and Simple
  • Choosing songs from a box and Yoochun screamed when he saw "XIA" He even said "Not everyone can sing Junsu's song well"
  • Yoochun will be preparing Squid's dish? Kya♡ one lucky fan will be able to test it. (Xiaholic0420)
  • Yoochun's ingredient in this squid dish "Squid, Butter, Mayonaise and peanut butter"
  • Yc choosing lucky fan! Area K, 8th row number 11. YC then said, choose 1 more and I'll cook noodles for you

  • Yoochun's drawin of himself
  • Yoochun gave a call to Junsu xD he has to make Junsu say something which is one of the mission
  • During the last vcr, Jae's pic appeared, Yoochun's message to Jae: Hyung, i should've met up with you often, i'm sorry. T___T cr: 籽言_初心不变
  • Yoochun complaining how soy sauce is expensive, he wanted to buy 10 bottles but only bought 5 instead
  • Jae gave a call to Yoochun too but he didn't answer because he thought that it was voice fishing (scam call) xDDDD lmao cr:kkoyaaaa

Credits: As tagged
Translated by: XIAkiss + yunjaery + KatHearsJJ + yunmoon
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