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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150524 All of Yoochun 'The Girl Who Sees Smells' Fanmeeting

  • Q: Is Yuchun a perv? YC: YES! (And he was electrocuted by the lie detector)
  • Q: Were there scenes in the drama which were you used your own ideas, not following the script? YC: Yes, at the end of the perfume proposal scene, there was supposed to be a deep kiss. But PD and I discussed that I'm still young so, a hug and light kiss will do
  • Fans asked YC if he's M. YC asked the moderator what is M. Fans yelled S and YC answered S in the end. (sadist)
  • Q: Do you like girls who are plump/voluptuous like the lead lady in TGWSS? YC: Yes! [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Q: Are you usually so goofy? YC: Yes. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Q: Throughout the filming, do you think the lead lady is adorable? YC: Yes. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Q: Have you been attracted by a girl's perfume before? YC: Yes, but the smell of body gel and shampoo is good too. [via KISS_JY]
  • YC said there are many more funny behind-the-scenes photos which fans have never seen. He said he will send them via LINE
  • Q: Do you laze around when filming. YC: No. (and was electrocuted) [via KISS_JYJ]
  • There was only one kiss, others were pecks. Intimate scenes in the drama was enacted by themselves and the staff who saw it felt like they wanted to start dating too. [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Picking fans to play the taste game. Those who answer his questions correctly will get to go up on stage. YC asked fans to guess if he will cut his hair tomorrow. He saw that most fans said no, so he said he will cut his hair. Immediately, most fans were eliminated
  • Fans are singing the birthday song and there's a cake on stage
  • YC's wish is to be healthy and if possible he wants to have more activities like fanmeetings [via KISS_JYJ]
  • Yuchun felt too hot and he took off his blazer as he went down the stage. [via 薇鸯竹落]
  • Fan got Yuchun's half-used Jo Malone - Blackberry cologne [via 海上葫芦]
  • YC says if he was to get married, it would better if it happens after he completes his military service. [via JYJCN]

  • Mcee: Are you "M"? Yoochun: should be "S"? I'm not sure too.
  • Mcee: do you like yellow jokes? Yoochun: Yes. ( got an electric shock from the lying device)
  • Yoochun wore a bald wig and did Chur~~ He even said "please continue to support me even when I reach 50 yrs old ok?
  • Yoochun prepared drinks for lucky fans. He mix "cola, vinegar, mango juice,orange juice and Wasabi together. Tasted and said it's nice. KYA!
  • Showing BTS pics and there's a few that JP fans didn't see it before (posted from weibo)
  • Yoochun say There's still alot of funny pictures.Everyone requested it but in the end he say he will send through LINE.
  • Yoochun went down the stage and pick 10 lucky fans!
  • He choose a lucky fan and gave them a teddy bear recorder. (He recorded his voice LIVE on stage)

  • Yuchun said he found a ramen place that produces same taste as Japan in Korea! Some fans went there last night (cr:micky0423)
  • 5 lucky fans will get a Mickey souvenir with #Yuchun sign! They'll get to shake hands with him too! (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Their raburabu acting on screen are mostly ad lib (cr:micky0423)
  • Yuchun "defended" that there was only 1 kiss scene the rest are popo ^^ (cr:micky0423)
  • Embarrassed watching his own kiss scene, wiping perspiration (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Original proposal scene was supposed to come with DEEP kiss but he turned it into cute kiss with ad lib (cr:mikiko)
  • Yuchun walks around looking for fans who dress like Chorim. He walked very slowly right in front of me so gorgeous (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun game of guessing the perfume. 1 fan will get a toy with his recorded voice kyaaa (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Many prizes remained #Yuchun asked new question: brand of that perfume when he proposed? Oh everyone knows? OK (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun giving out his fav perfume Jo Malone as present (again) (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Surprise happy birthday song for #Yuchun (cr:mikiko)
  • What's your wish this year? To be healthy, if possible I want to hold more fan meetings (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Tarot fortune telling: If you fall in love now you'll have to give it 100%. This is a loss to you (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Tarot: Love is not good but career is! (cr:micky0423)
  • Conclusion: #Yuchun said since I can't fall in love I can't marry n can't have kids, that's right!? (cr:micky0423)
  • Yuchun wants to know his relationship with members - tarot (cr:mikiko)
  • 3 members will move forward together after this 1-2 years (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Fr now a year of rest. Then Yuchun will lead group forward. Last card is the best one. Tie everything up tightly (cr:babyskymicky)
  • There'll be many work coming to Yuchun. You will pull 3 members forward after 5 years (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Even if Yuchun does individual projects, he'll be the support of the other 2 members (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Before Jae went into military training, all 3 wanted to do some event together but didn't have time (cr:babyskymicky)
  • Yuchun singing the proposal song he sang in drama (cr:micky0423)
  • Yuchun listened seriously. He has strong luck coz 1st card he picked-only 1 in pack; 2nd card-only 2 in the pack (cr:babyskymicky)
  • This is the toy bear which #YUCHUN recorded his voice as prizes for fans

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Translated by: XIAkiss + yochwennie + Jen_BabyLove
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