Saturday, May 23, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150522 Jaejoong performed at the 55th Infantry Division Event

Let's do well 55th Infantry Division Vocal Line! Kim Beomsu cut off 1st rd of Hidden Singer! #김재중 (T/N: Guy next to Jaejoong in photo seems to be Nam Hunwu from Hidden Singer and the other guy must be singer-song writer Lee Jinseong of Mondaykiz)

  • Went to visit someone n saw #김재중 . It's first time I feel this way. He is so handsome that he looks unreal. (cr:qq1124)
  • Kim Jaejoong sang one song (Though I Loved You), bowed and went down the stage right away in his regular uniform.
  • Kim Jaejoong's voice was crystal clear, and he looked healthy but his skin looked a bit chapped.

Credits: sein0909 + pwrock100
Translated by: crystalmoon64
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