Sunday, May 17, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150517 Changmin at Shinee's concert in Seoul

  • Changmin's attending Shinee's concert today. He's seated with Kyuhyun and Wendy (cr: Yuah)
  • Changmin's holding on to two lightsticks and used them like drumsticks (cr: Yuah)
  • Jonghyun asked the audience to not seat down during the conc and stand up, so Kyu-Line obediently stood up~ (cr: Yuah)
  • CM was standing throughout the concert. She's wondering if he was high during the conc~ (cr: ran)

  • Changmin's holding the lightstick on his left hand upside down & was really high during Run Away & Ready or Not cr.Yuah是李珍基家属
  • Changmin is the most idle one, but once he starts waving, he does it very enthusiastically with both hands! cr.Yuah是李珍基家属
  • Kyuhyun & Changmin laughed so much during the performance where Minho tore his clothes off, cr.Yuah是李珍基家属

Credits: As tagged + 啾sama + wondrousSJ
Translated by: tvxq_et_moi + kikiikyu
Shared by: DBSKnights

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  1. No doubt Changmin was there for Minho! Haha, so glad to see they had a good time! ^^