Friday, May 8, 2015

[TRANS] 150508 Summary of Changmin's character in 'The Scholar Who Walks The Night'

T/N: Only Changmin related part translated

Changmin will play the role of the heir, Lee Yoon, to the throne. His character seems like a playboy who just wants to enjoy himself on the outside but ever since his father's death, he has become a quietly waiting figure who has hidden this side of him.

With the Night Scholar, Kim Seong Yeol (Lee Junki), Jo Yang Seon (Lee Yoo Bi) through a number of events, they will be intertwined gradually to find the answers that they want.

Also, though Lee Yoon, while expressing a range of emotional changes, Changmin will be showing off diverse charms, collecting much interest in his developed appearance as an actor.

The production company side said that the actors were cast not only for their visuals but also to provide heart-racing chemistry as (viewers) anticipate how the 3 people in the drama become entangled.

Credits: TV Report
Translated by: snxy
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