Saturday, May 2, 2015

[TRANS] 150501 Jaejoong - Military Service Update


Previous info
  • Jaejoong was rewarded with a phone call (3 min) for doing well in grenade throwing training
  • Jaejoong was rewarded with a phone call (3 min) for doing well in shooting training
  • Boot camp graduation will be on 7 May 2015

  • Jaejoong basic military training ended today with 20km night march. Congrats for completing it without getting injured!!
  • Recruit Jaejoong hit 19 shots out of 20 shots for shooting. He ranked 15th out of 200 recruits for running.

  • Jaejoong started night march at 6 PM with 20kg on his back, will continue till almost midnight.
  • 1st platoon which Jaejoong belongs to returned safely finishing 20 km night march without anyone being left behind! Congratulations! @DC_Jellery
  • Training portion completed w night march. Will start practicing their performances at graduation ceremony beginning Monday @DC_Jellery
Sister's letter

JJ's mom letter to fans

  • In the shooting training yesterday, Jaejoong fired 19 out of 20 shots accurately. Out of 200 people, he ranked 15th in running. (S: 百度金在中吧)
  • Jaejoong will go on night march tonight! (Source: 百度金在中吧)
  • Standard of perfect score shooting - Day: 18 shots and above out of 20. Night: 8 shots and above out of 10. Jaejoong got 19 accurate shots
  • Jaejoong is currently having his night march with 20kg baggage on his back.
  • Seems like the night march has ended. A mother of one private received photo and said her son's skin was sun burntㅠㅠ (Source: 百度金在中吧)
Information regarding graduation ceremony

JJ's mom letter to fans

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  1. f course jj umma we will protect him support him all threw his army life he is strong a great human being we as fans are proud of him as u must be thank u for being a good umma to him saranghae to u jj sisters his appa and finally jaejoong himself do well be safe be healthy