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[NEWS] 150508 Yoochun - Compilation of The Girl Who Sees Smell Reporters' Meeting

JYJ′s Park Yoochun Congratulates Kim Junsu on Performing on Broadcast

JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun expressed his congratulations to fellow member Kim Junsu, who was finally able to perform on broadcast.

On May 8, Park Yoo Chun joined the cast of SBS′ Girl Who Sees Smells at a cafe in Yeoksam-dong, where he shared a message of congratulations to Kim Junsu for performing on an EBS music program .

"I congratulate Junsu on being able to perform on broadcast," said Park Yoo Chun with a smile. "Junsu, congrats!′

"Because the things around us have gotten a lot better, I don′t really think about the past situation. I especially don′t think about the legal issues," explained Park Yoo chun. "But if those events became opportunities, I think it would be a good thing for agencies and artists to promote in good environments in the future. It′s also something for us to be thankful about. I′m very happy that those things are being even a little bit expressed now."

"Honestly, these days, because we′re working in good environments with good people, we don′t have those kinds of worries as we did in the past," continued Park Yoo Chun. "Instead, we have bigger worries to carry out good promotions with good images."

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, Girl Who Sees Smells is about Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung), a girl who sees smells, and Choi Mu Gak (JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun), a detective who can not feel.

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  • Yuchun, "This time, I am given many nicknames. I'm given various names through this drama. It feels great and I'm thankful."
  • Yuchun, "I especially like it when people said, 'It's great if I have an oppa like that."
  • Yuchun, "We filmed until yesterday but compared to other sets, this filming set was very enjoyable."
  • Yuchun, "Even though we were tired, we continued smiling when filming despite it all. We filmed enjoyably."
  • Yuchun, "What's more, the relationship between sunbaenims and staffs are really good."
  • Yuchun, "In most situations I try my best to make it fun. Only by reading the part of 'Seoul's Moon' in the script, I knew I had to make it fun"
  • Yuchun, "Originally, the script uses only 'Ehhh?' but I thought it won't be fun. So we changed it to 'Chhuueee~~' to make it more comical."
  • Yuchun, "In funny scenes, we think ahead of how to make it funny. They weren't just ad-libs."
  • Yuchun, "I was burdened by 'Seoul's Moon' gag but because 'Chhuueee~~' was so well-received, the pressure accentuated even more."
  • Yuchun, "In TGWSS, this is the first time that I'm putting myself aside when filming the comical scenes. It's an interesting experience"
  • Yuchun," In TGWSS, among the action, mellow and comedic acting, I think comedic acting is the best fit for me."
  • Yuchun, "The fact that Kim Junsu is able to appear on music broadcasts recently and sing is something to be happy about. These days, we don't think about things like broadcast activities. There are many good things so we almost don't think about legal matters. I think we should be more thankful if agencies and artistes are able to carry out activities in a better environment through the JYJ Bill. I feel very good now that we can express ourselves. We are actually working under a good environment with good staff, CEO and good people. We have no worries now like before. We only have to worry about showing our best, doing fun activities."
  • Yuchun, "I monitor the drama at home and I think Nam Goongmin's acting is really suave. His gaze is really cool and I admire it."
  • "To show viewers the lovely loveline with Chorim, we did it more naturally. Not that I did well, but the directing was handled well."
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Park Yoo Chun Is Happy for Both Junsu and “JYJ Law”

On May 8, JYJ‘s Park Yoo Chun discussed fellow member Kim Junsu during a press conference of the drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells.”

Upon being asked about Junsu’s recent appearance on EBS’s “Space Sympathy,” his first appearance on a Korean music show in six years, Park Yoo Chun said, “I didn’t know he went on the show. I want to congratulate him.”

When he received a question about the “JYJ Law,” Park Yoo Chun said, “We have to be thankful for this because it may allow entertainment companies and related others to work in a more comfortable environment. I’m happy that I got this chance to express my gratitude for it.”

He also added, “Now, since we are working in a very good environment with great people, we don’t have as many worries as we did before. Although, we are worrying about how to appear and promote better to the general audience.”

Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun is currently starring in the drama “The Girl Who Sees Smells,” gathering impressive global popularity.

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