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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150419 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ Encore in Seoul (Day 2)

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  • Fan:You're good looking! JS: I'm good looking?? (Laughs) No..really last time when I debut as DBSK, just looking at my pic you'll say he sings well! The one on the most left can sing really well!" I was that kind of kid! xDD cr:5ilse_fam
  • Junsu said that when he cried during the Space Empathy filming, it was tears of happiness not sadness
  • Junsu said that Changmin's hair was like the statue of liberty during Triangle era

  • JS: You liked me when you saw me in Tri-angle? When I had gray hair? When Changmin...had the statue of liberty hair? YC's ramen hair? (트하트어택)
  • 5ilse_fam corrected starfish to statue of liberty hair. #lrt

  • JS asks if there's any fans older than him. Everyone said no! JS then ask fans below 30 years old to shout! Everyone went crazy!
  • JS: “I slept and had a dream..” Fans: “Ehhh~” JS: “So weak? Everyone’s so lusty! Ahh.. It’s also due to JYJ’s current age..JS: "Though there’s also many secondary students.. But.. Yeah.. Everyone’s maturely pretty.." Fans: “Ehhh~” JS: “You don’t like this too? Have to be young unconditionally? Okay then~ Everyone below has a very young face.."
  • JS: “My brother is here today too, that song’s lyrics (Butterfly) is written by him, as well as 'Hello Hello'! He has actually been writing songs for me right from my 1st album! 'Butterfly' is a song that I like very much as well, it says about not giving up in pursuing."
  • Genie Time 1: Fan gave Junsu a box to pick a wish from!
  • Everyone shouted "SIC SIC" (Wonsik) to ask him go on stage to hold the song book for Junsu!
  • JS: “Anyone at my con for the 1st time?” Fan: “Me!” JS: “Which moment did you like me?” Fan: “Musical!” JS: “Which musical?” Fan: “Mozart!” JS: “Why do you come to concert then?” Fan: “Because I have no money…” JS: “But musical is more expensive!” Fan: "I can get closer compared to paying for the same price for musical..” JS: “Ahhh.. That's also right! So how do you feel coming for the 1st time?” Fan: “Ment is much more interesting than singing!"
  • A fan boy from Gwangju came today and he has been a fan of Junsu for 11 years!
  • Wonsik took a longer time to change JS mic, JS thought it's done~ Turned back and saw Wonsik still there, JS: "Not done yet?!"
  • JS talks about EBS Space Gonggam: "Uphill Road lyrics made me cry, thinking of walking this uphill road together with fans."

  • Junsu read out all the country he went during this asia tour. As a singer, Im back to korea for the last stop of the concert
  • Junsu asking “If there is any fans older than him? Please do not lie and say the truth. Fan raise up their hand and Junsu said “Really”? You don’t look like it. Eu Kyang Kyang. 25 and above?
  • Junsu: Are everyone above 25? Fans: Noo! Junsu: For me.. I may look old if I compare with the singers who are the same age as me but when I’m with my friend, I look young. My friend gave me courage.
  • During Genie time, Fans ask Junsu to choose a lot from the box.
  • My hyung came to watch my concert today. The song I sang just now is written by him and also Hello Hello. Actually in the first album, he already started helping me composing a lot of songs. Butterfly is one of my favorite songs too.
  • Everyone shouting SicSic! and Wonshik (Bodyguard) went up and take the lyrics book for Junsu.
  • There's a fan girl who brought a water gun to the concert today!!
  • Junsu said he prepare something special today!
  • GENIE TIME - JS to choose a lot from the box that fan gave - The Tiger & the Dove - Can You Hear Me - Dracula song
  • Special Stage" YDG Rapper! (YDG is Yang Dong Geun. ^^)
  • Junsu: There is a lot of fanboy who came today! A fanboy from Gwangju came. he is 27 yrs. old this year. He’s a fan of Junsu for 11 yrs. Junsu: That means you like me since HUG period? OMG FANBOY!
  • Junsu: Thank You YDG for coming here
  • He said, let me adjust my mic for a while, he then continue singing the song from the books
  • Junsu – Fanboy: You like us when you are 16 yrs old? Didn’t you like any other idol before? Even when you are enlisted? But normally guys when enlisted will prefer female idol group right? It’s awesome that you like JYJ even when you are enlisted.
  • Junsu: in the past, he's the one who got a face that show he is good in singing.
  • Junsu mention about Gikwang. He said he went playing soccer with them.
  • Looking at them..They have such a small face..that can be compare with female group. Junsu say he doesn't have a small face..
  • Junsu: Normally when girls are with their boyfriend, they would want themselves to be more prominent?
  • I can let my girlfriend looking better than me. There is not stress even when taking a selfie together. To be honest, I have everything except the looks.
  • Junsu: able to appear on TV is because of the strength from everyone. I know you guys went to the website and requested to them. I’m also very thankful for EBS. I’m so happy. That’s why I cried. 6 years without any appearance, I can stand here opening concert, it’s like a miracle.
  • No matter what, if I’m still able to sing and when there is people who come to see me, I will continue singing.
  • Junsu: I want to become an idol that even if you guys are married next time, you won’t regret treating me as an idol before.
  • Junsu: When I’m back from the army, I will never ever forget this unforgettable moment. even when you guys are married. I want to become the singer that you guys will not feel regretful for supporting me.
  • Junsu: asked a high school fan whether she is a fan of him. that fan replied, he like Junsu when he is “5 YEARS OLD”
  • Junsu: Even if there are only 1 or 2 fans left, I will still sing for them in a small venue.

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