Saturday, April 18, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150418 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ Encore in Seoul (Day 1)

  • Junsu wore new clothes and his fringe is up today!
  • Junsu wearing naked back top during X SONG and LULLABY!
  • JS wears a vest instead of white suit! He said there's slight change to songs as it's encore con! (麦_M) 
  • Lee Gi-kwang at Junsu's concert today! ^^ (_kkkong)
  • Oh Junsu singing THAT IS SO MEAN just now!
  • Junsu wore different clothes for Butterfly too!
  • JS: "There's a fan boy who kept coming to my cons starting from Osaka, I have a deep impression of him, why he love me so much~"
  • Genie Time: Junsu wearing angel hat and wings given by fan!!
  • Junsu wearing angel hat and wings!!! Super shy~ (麦_M)
  • JS before wearing angel hat and wings: “You’re really asking me to wear this? Really? As all of you can see~ This is my concert~ I’m already 30 years old…"
  • JS didn’t wanna wear cat’s ears as it’ll ruin his hairstyle so he chose a fox tail instead! So it's fox tail, not cat tail!
  • Junsu chose 3 genie wish books but he can’t do them and said “I feel like running away! I’m going crazy soon!"
  • Genie Time, JS sang about 7-8 songs: I Am Music, Why Can't You Love Me, Golden Star, The Shadows Grow Longer etc...
  • Compilation of Junsu's Genie Time showing on VCR NOW!
  • DANCE MEDLEY LIST! 1) Mission 2) Tarantallegra 3) Turn It Up 4) Fever 5) Tarantallegra AGAIN!
  • JS says fans are like his mom! Everyone shouted loudly! JS: “Everyone hates to be mom? What’s that? Noona?” Fans: “자기야 (Darling)!” JS: “What they say? Darling? I'll be like rubbish if I have so many darlings!” Fans: “It’s ok!"
  • Everyone congratulate Junsu for being able to perform on EBS
  • Junsu says he has the powers to identify if the person is a fan or passerby when they ask for his autograph!

  • Junsu talked alot today. He say the next song that's he is going to sing, you can't listen to it comfortably..then a fan said "I'm not feeling very comfortable now..
  • Junsu: before we proceed to the another song, let me drink some water. KYA~~!!
  • Fan shouted to Junsu that "there is shiny sequin on your head'
  • Junsu: (during opening ) ask if there is anyone who are not a fan of him but came to his concert ?
  • Junsu's VCR "The depest impression during Asia Tour is "the fanboy who followed me from osaka. How can he like me so much? "
  • Junsu: saying able to appear on tv, everyone congrats him. Fan: chukkahae
  • Junsu: he has reach the age where he don't like to cry anymore. If there's no music or any feeling, he wont cry that easily.
  • During recording of EBS SPACE SYMPATHY, looking at the 150 ppl at the seats, I feel that if I give up in the begining, there will not be today. Fans will also give up because of me. That the moment where I feel like crying.

Credits: As tagged + 木月半月半你看我屌嘛
Translated by: XIAkiss + Vichellelicious
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