Saturday, April 11, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150411 TVXQ - 2015 Shilla Duty Free Fan Festival

  • f: qingxin218 tvxq are dressed in black suits with white shirts, looking really handsome
  • MC: on WHY is the opening song? CM: Bc it’s 1 of the represent works that can show TVXQ’s charisma on stage & is meaningful to us. f: qingxin218
  • MC: guess the messages that ppl wrote to you Changmin: should be some words of support. audience: ay~ MC: i don’t think ppl just simply wrote those.. changmin: on a deeper level, it would be like please marry me! f: qingxin218
  • the ending was like at WITH concert, when the 2 left, ppl were getting rdy to leave and on e screen: did you think it was finished? tvxq returned and sang, always with you - f: qingxin218
  • 2 were in black suits, white shirts. Yunho’s bangs were up, had a black vest, changmin’s bangs were down.
  • f: panee0202 after they left the stage, yunho and changmin were both smiling widely. papa bear was there as well.

  • They chose 6 people today! While Yunho is choosing, someone shouted "PICK ME!" Yunho: I won't choose you now!
  • What are the messages of the fans? Changmin: Messages like please be married with me. It's impossible so you can't joke about that. (돖윤민)

Credits: As tagged + hirochiyuno
Translated by: snxy + paulisteu
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