Thursday, April 2, 2015

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150402 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~ in Tokyo Dome (FINAL)

  • Changmin sang a bit of Forever Love before Yunho interrupted him with his gag!!!
  • f: crazycat_0331 the fan event today: TOHOSHINKI 10 YEARS
  • Aft changmin made the comment att the fangirls - there was a guy tt shouted YUNHO. and yunho replied :p f: crazycat_0331
  • f: qingxin218 the proj was TOHOSHINKI 10 YEARS. e vcr for WITH LOVE had fans’ photos and messages. everyone was sniffing.
  • Both Yunho and Changmin are crying T______T f: ichikinosama
  • fans are saying they have never seen such an expression on their faces before T_______T as both are crying
  • both were crying but yunho… yunho’s face was covered in tears, until the end as they harmonised, his voice was croaking..
  • f: super_macy yunho: i will be back soon. and it will still be here. because you all are here. wait for me!
  • f: super_macy Yunho: i didn’t want to cry 2day, bc i promised myself b4 to only cry when I’m most blessed. 2day, bc of every1. Im v blessed.
  • When Yunho was singing STL he couldn’t sing a part, and he bent over and stopped then he continued bc he was still crying f: ichikinosama
  • Yunho: Everyone, WE ARE? Fans: T! Yunho: We will meet again
  • Triple encore - Toki wo Tomete
  • f: alcoroo yunho cried, changmin tried 2 suppress it at the start but then his eyes were redthen he kept crying.. yunho kept saying thank u.
  • lit up on the screen, really clearly, "will be waiting” i was crying even with the uchiwa f: kiki_yuno_happy via mj81208

  • The fanvid has a message: Thank you, for giving me hope and courage. Be healthy! We love you! Come back soon. Yunho cried after that.
  • Yunho: I didn't want to cry today. I promised myself, to cry when I'm the most happy. Because of everyone today, I feel the most blessed.
  • Yunho kept his eyes shut during With Love, as if he was trying to squeeze his tears back. But he cried in the end.
  • Changmin's eyes were red when he looked at the fanproject (Tohoshinki 10 years). His voice was shaky as he sang.
  • Yunho: I don't know what should be said at what time, but you might not see Tohoshinki's live for a period of time.
  • Yunho: I hope that everyone can be healthy waiting for us. When we come back and we say we are back, please say welcome back. Promise.
  • Yunho: I will come back quickly, in here! Because there are all of you here. Please wait for me.
  • Changmin: To meet everyone, is the most precious gift in my life. I'm really blessed. He teared but smiled saying this. ♥ (S: super_macy)
  • Yunho couldn't continue to sing Somebody to Love at one part. He continued after bending down for a pause. He's still sobbing (ichikinosama)
  • Yunho's last sentence before going down the stage: Everyone, we are?! Fans: T! Yunho: We will meet again.

  • Changmin sang Forever Love today!! everyone is asking him to sing once more (Cr: super_macy)
  • Yunho came out during the dancer introduction vid! He was really cute and handsome (cr: crazycat_0331)

  • Changmin petting Yunho's back + Yunho crying - 1 , 2 ,
  • Chanting for Tohoshinki - 1 , 2
  • Toki wo Tomete - audio
  • Teary Changmin ending talk - vid
  • Bowing + We are? T! - vid

Changmin singing Forever Love

Yunho crying T^T

Triple encore - Toki wo Tomete

Credits: As tagged + TVXQFrance
Translated by: snxy + yunjaery + tvxq_et_moi
Shared by: DBSKnights


  1. I knew it was coming, but not this soon. Was hoping for next year, maybe. I truly wanted to go to this tour, but it didn't work out. And I could really use some music magic right now. Gutted.

    Happy early 10th anniversary to Tohoshinki (DBSK+JYJ)!