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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150427 Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event

  • Today's setlist: Spinning, 君がいない夜, Chandelier
  • YH kept praising CM, saying "cm's face is so slim! So cool! So handsome!" Cr;super_macy
  • When CM watched himself singing rusty nail, he said "my armpit hair is too much, better if i shave..." (cr: super_macy)
  • MC: YH, you cant keep eating the strawberries on the cake! YH licked his fingers and gave up but he kept staring at the cake! (Super_macy)

  • (´⊙J⊙`) or (´・J・`) Changmin
  • (*∵*) or (∵) Yunho
  • ( ˘∵˘ ) MC
  • Opening- Spinning, Night Without You, Chandelier RT @asumin_ho
  • Yunho doesn’t like that pic that appeared in the news. ( ˘∵˘ ) cm was really cool. why, why that pic! (´^J^`) because it’s the most touching (BE)*clap*
  • 10位a-nation - (2011-2014) clips were shown frm 2011. (yunho) i was that skinny then.
  • 9位 Nissan - ( ˘∵˘ ) this is 9th? (´⊙J⊙`) i thought it wld be ranked higher (*∵*) i’d like to try it again
  • 8位 TONE Rusty Nail - (*∵*) Changmin was really cool!! [Changmin sang along a bit with the clip (that was being shown)]
  • 7位 WITH WITH LOVE - Minsil-san said the scene that was mentioned as disliked (yh) appeared. [while watching the clip] (´⊙J⊙`) No way! while teasing yunho abt crying.
  • 6位 TONE HFB - (*∵*)The choreographer was a little risqué.. [while saying, yunho sang a little.] (*∵*)i am young!!
  • 5位 TONE’s tears - (*∵*)cried again? [Changmin was smiling while looking at the images.]
  • 4位 2011 Kouhaku - (*∵*) reputation at this time was gd. i was nervous as e waiting time was long, & Kouhaku (runs) for a long time.
  • 3位 TONE BUT appearance - (´・J・`)The opening was cool! (*∵*) (i) was that thin! thin!
  • 2位 2011 SMT appearance - (´・J・`) the first as 2 people! ah! (*∵*) was young! was young! awesome! was thin! truly thin!
  • 1位 why Music Station - (*∵*)i was thin!! [changmin was laughing genuinely/purely]
  • For “Night Without You”, “Chandelier” today, they had only practiced it for a short time
  • On the tears shed during the last day of WITH. Yunho: like this (the crying pose) came out in the news the next day, won’t everyone in japan think that yunho is a crybaby? Minshiru-san: Changmin-san too. Changmin: Yes, I shed tears.
  • Changmin on how it was when hanging in the air during SMT - In Seoul, I was nervous as it was high, and scared but in Japan, it was tolerable when I appeared. Only that my pelvis hurt. Bone pain. Pelvis. (Fan was surprised CM used JPN naturally to say pelvis)
  • clips of e last day of WITH were shown. When Yunho saw himself crying, he was saying he was bad (looked bad; ref to himself) what were you doing! (the yunho that was criticizing himself). and then when it showed changmin patting his shoulder, comforting him, this this! this is the problem! Changmin (laughing) at the end it’s my fault?
  • minshiru-san said that during TONE, the tears that yunho shed were ‘a youth’s tears’. and WITH was a ‘man’s tears’. BE: aye? Yunho: what, what is the meaning of “aye”? what kind of tears were that? a baby’s tears?
  • The message for the second round of the 10th anni event is : (we will) keep waiting.
  • there was a red bear brought on stage. yunho: the eyes are tearful (red-rimmed), like a ‘ウル character! yunho who was skipping advanced puns. minshiru-san then told him the bear’s name was BT (T+Bigeast) Yunho: nice 2 meet you, red bear! minshiru: It’s TB!“
  • Yunho’s last remarks: As I will go and return quickly, please wait healthily.
  • changmin: while looking at the clips, i was thinking that it is like time travel. It feels like e news (10 years)has gone by fast. whether it feels fast or long, i have been a happy person in those days. I think. Today, really thank you.
  • the first talk of the 10th anniversary! has it been 10 years? yunho: altho it is embarrassing to praise oneself, (i) think (we/i) are great. because we have gone thru 10 years, that is why Tohoshinki exists now
  • Q. What is Tohoshinki to you? Yunho: It’s not my dream. But everyone’s dream.
  • yunho: as i grow older, my lachrymal glands (tear ducts) get looser (BE) -noisy- ( ˘∵˘ ) what!
  • Changmin after becoming (part of Tohoshinki); I was able to know the love with colleagues (he did this while pointing w his hand to Yunho’s side); the love with staff, the love with family, and the love with all the fans. I am really thankful.
  • changmin also said he wanted to do Nissan again. he said this softly.
  • Minshiru-san: Changmin will be in a historical drama and Yunho will be appearing as a chef in a drama. (´・J・`)( ∵ )Correct! Minshiru-san: I am worried about the people around. Is Chef Yunho okㅋㅋㅋㅋ ( ∵ ) That’s right
  • yunho: i was thinking abt how to spend such a day like today (10th anni)- i am rly happy to be able to spend it like this on stage

  • (cr:tvxq_aktf64) Yunho said at the very end "Tohoshinki has made a debut with HUG, and for Japan, started with "Stay With Me Tonight". That is enough for me...

  • YH said his face become chubbier since 2011
  • Yunho comment on Bigeast Best 10 "Honey funny bunny video is very se.. sex... sexy right!?"
  • Yunho "Our debut in japan is stay with me tonight..."
  • Yunho said he'll leave (for army) but he'll comeback healthy so please wait.
  • when the cake was brought to the stage, Yunho "Waah strawberry! I like strawberry~"& came closer to the cake, Changmin said "I'm blueberry"

  • Yunho kept on saying he was skinny when they were showing old videos
  • Changmin: While watching the videos, it's like we're doing time travel and it felt like (10 years) passed by without me even knowing it.

  • "While watching the past VCRs, Yunho kept saying he was so skinny then. When they played Anation, he said his face gets fatter every year."
  • Yunho said he's the opposite of normal people - he gets fat easily during Summer and he slims down easier in Winter
  • Many newspapers published photo of YH crying in WITH. YH: Japanese must have thought that I'm a crybaby. Why choose this out of many photos?!

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