Tuesday, April 21, 2015

[TRANS] 150421 Kyuhyun mentioned Changmin in an interview with InStyle Magazine


Super Junior's Kyuhyun had dark circles underneath his eyes. "I am actually on my way back from Sokcho now. I went there to eat red crabs. I go there occasionally, you know." If it is talking about travelling / vacations, Kyuhyun has more to say than anyone else. He was full of amazement / admiration for Greece and Jeju Island, and he chose Max Changmin as the friend who is compatible as a travelling companion. "Changmin ssi has a little bit of "disability in decision-making". Haha. He is also the type who would have decided on everything in advance before I arrive, even to the extent of what to eat as lunch and dinner."

Credits: bittersweet-jh
Translated by: kikiikyu + mug_ping
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