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[TRANS] 150413 Junsu - EBS Space Sympathy Recording

  • Genie Time on EBS today: Junsu sang songs from "Elizabeth" musical, "Dew Laden Tree" & "Even though I go round and round" (cr ToHeartAttack)

  • Junsu's Genie Time - Fans say he sang songs from Elizabeth, tree covered in dew and "Around and around"
  • Junsu sang a total of 7 songs + Genie time! Genie time list- Elizabeth song,Tree covered in dew,around and around!
  • Junsu's set list today! 1) Love is like snow flake 2) Ment 3) Reach 4) 11am 5) Golden star 6) Genie Time 6) Butterfly 7) Flower 8) Encore:오르막길
  • Filming stop for a while because Junsu tears up?!
  • Junsu tears up when singing " 오르막길" so the filming stop for awhile.. fans tears up too..

  • Junsu: I'm thankful to PD for giving me the chance to be on the show. I always wanted to sing in a small theatre. Dream is realized.
  • "An interval of six years... Although I'm a singer, it is XIA here greeting all of you on a music show after an interval of six years."
  • Junsu: Initially I thought that I might not be able to go on music shows forever... I'm grateful to be able to stand here on this stage.
  • Junsu: I probably don't have other chances if not for this... It's hard to be on TV until I'm 40. I will cherish every beautiful memory.

  • "Very Painful"…Kim Junsu sheds tears, briefly halting singing during the show 'Empathy'

  • The reason I chose "Mozart!" was the lyrics to this song "Golden Star." At the time, I was going through some rough times, and I had this fear of standing on the stage as musical actor rather than a pop singer. But then I heard the lyrics to the song, and it was exactly the words that I wanted to shout out to the world. "Love does not bind. Love sets you free. Sometimes you need to bear the pain, but that's love." That's what I wanted to shout out to the world. "I just really wanted to refute how the public saw me and what the reporters were writing about me." Although he should have been happy listening to 'Golden Star' during the performance he confessed that he could keep a happy expression on his face. "I cried every time. I wasn't supposed to sing during the scene, but I cried every time. I tried to hold back, but I always cried." (article)
  • During Genie Time, Junsu said "I'm trying hard to remember this moment since Idk when this moment could happen again. I'll try to remember even the atmosphere of this room. I am so happy"
  • Junsu introduced the last song "Uphill Road" saying that it was the road he walked on with us to this stage today
  • Junsu sang the first verse & stopped bc he was crying so much
  • Junsu "I won't be able to forget today... You & I went through so many changes together & I'd like to sing the road we took together until I was able to stand on this stage today"
  • Junsu's comments during the encore - "We couldn't be on TV for 6 years. As a singer in Korea, the fact that you cannot go on Korean broadcast is really hard in many ways. Of course, in the past we had to prioritize becuase we had to make too many appearances. We either didn't appear or cancelled, but now, the circumstance don't allow us to get contacts, and even if we make it, they ignore it... Who would actually make a studio album with more than 10 songs now? It takes a lot of courage and challenge for us and our agency. Even those who go on broadcasts freely avoid full-length albums, so it takes a lot to make an album knowing that we can't go on broadcasts... I was able to make an album, go on tours and hold out until today to come on this stage thanks to all of you here, those who are watching me on the screen, and international fans... It's so hard... I don't know why it's so hard to go on a broadcast, but I won't be able to forget today. I will sing the road that you & I took together going though so many changes until I got to this stage. (article)

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