Friday, April 10, 2015

[TRANS] 150410 Junsu Twitter Update

The photos taken two days before he went to army,
already applied camouflage cream since then keke
Hyung are you doing well? I miss you!!

Junsu: The day I went to watch Dream Girls. Rainbow member Jaekyung's dog, the dog I can't miss every time I see it at the shop because it's so lovely. It's that big but it's very very gentle heh heh Looking at me blankly with that pair of big eyes. I want to take it and run away..Hee

Junsu: Watched 'The Girl Who Sees Smell' I have fallen behind after returning to Korea. People will ask Yoochun-ie that he still has this side of him after seeing this side of him, it's so great that you are showing this kind of your charm that I alway see. Throughout watching the drama, it feels like we are together. Anyway, why is it so interesting

Junsu: Again 2010..Hansol ah..You always say you want to do everything with hyung, it's clear that we will start diet together and it seems like I didn't see you eating for even once come ... I always hear rustling sound from the kitchen in the wee hours...By any chance, is it you?

Junsu: Toscana in jeju

Source: Junsu's Twitter
Translated by: Shinkipeia
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