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[TRANS] 150408 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ in Nagoya (Day 2)

  • (cr:x_jsS2kn) Junsu: I personally like "Love in the ice". Although the 5 members aren't here, I will do my best alone.
  • (cr:x_jsS2kn) After the debut, there were times when we came and went 4 times to Japan and Korea in one day. I didn't know where I was, and during the interviews, I answered in Korean even though I was in Japan. And, even though we were in Korea, we spoke in Japanese, we got so mixed up.
  • (cr:x_jsS2kn) I just wanted to sing songs, but why was it so hard to do so. Even though my foot was hurt, I had to sing sitting on a wheeled chair. And though I was sick, I had to be on a program where I had to laugh all the time....But I feel regret now...
  • (cr:x_jsS2kn) If you are living, there are both good and bad things, but I was only looking at bad things, thinking negative. I was able to sing in front of a lot of people, and was loved by so many...Looking back, I now understand what a lucky fellow I was...
  • (cr:x_jsS2kn) I regret how I was thinking years ago. There should be many happy things, if I had thought them that way. So now, I am doing my best, every day.
  • (cr:610yjm) Junsu... I think it should have been painful for all the 5 members. There should be times when it was very difficult to smile and to sing. We know how painful it is to force yourself to smile. The Soba (buckwheat noodle) hostess once said "During that filming, all the 5 members flung themselves facedown on the table, and seemed so tired. But when the camera started filming, everyone started to laugh and look happy...I assume everyday was such days....

  • Junsu listing the country he went for asia tour. when he say NAGOYA, everyone screammmmmm!~
  • Junsu: I went to eat Ungai rice today,although I didn't ate a lot.Unagi rice is good for man!!!!
  • He ate 2 bowls of unagi rice saying this will make a better health. Fans are now saying he is very pervertic~ Pervertic Junsu~
  • Junsu saying the same old lines. How’s the 3 song that I just sang? It’s the final day in Nagoya, let's get high and end it~!
  • Fans were all standing just now. Junsu told everyone to sit down as it is the best way to listen to it!!!
  • Fanboy teased JUNSU!
  • Junsu say he wanted to make an adult con. Only ppl with age above 20 can come and attend it!!!
  • Junsu said something wrong and he laughed shyly
  • Junsu: I wanted to teach you guys how to be a real man? OMG OMG!
  • Junsu: He will be enlisting soon after and will be back as a man.
  • Junsu saw a fanboy and he ask for his name. HIS WHOLE FAMILY CAME TO WATCH JUNSU CON! That fanboy is only 20 this year, Junsu then say he wants to teach him to be a real man.
  • Japanese fans all stand up when Junsu is singing butterfly~~~
  • Genie Time 1st - Don't go away!!!
  • Fanboy gave Junsu a pudding cap and requested him to wear it!
  • Genie Time 2nd - Doushite! Why Have I Fallen For you~~!!!
  • Genie Time 3rd - Asu WA Kuru Kara
  • Genie Time 4th - Wasurennaide!!
  • Genie Time Setlist! 1) Don't Go Away 2) Wear Pudding Hat 3) Doushite 4) Asu wakuru kara 5) Wasurenaide 6) Dance Medley
  • Junsu say there’s no chair for him to dance JYJ backseat!
  • Genie Time Dance Medley! 1) Reason 2) Xiahtic 3) Valentines 4) X Song 5) Fever 6) Be The One 7) Intoxication 8) BackSeat
  • Junsu say he wants to meet Yoochun~ ^^
  • Fan requested Junsu to “Act cute” but he rejected. He say he can’t!! fans then requested him to act eating the pudding & post it on twitter
  • Junsu talk about his past about how difficult life was during that period.
  • Junsu said, last time even if they are injured or sick they still have to attend the shows.
  • Junsu: Recently he had to fly to korea,japan,china many times. Sometimes he will be confuse where he is at now.
  • Recently he kept thinking negatively. For example, as an idol, we can’t do a lot of stuff that normal idol can do.
  • Every Concert, I always try my best to see everyone's face.Although i am not good at remembering names, but i can remember looks well. When we meet, I am not able to say out your name but I will remember where we had met!
  • Junsu: My heart is actually around the age of a high school student.
  • Junsu say Bye bye. After that he played tu tu tu tu. Kya!!
  • Junsu: During my debut, there’s some time where I feel sad. I only wanted to sing on stage but why this happen? I need to put on a smile even when I’m not in a good mood. To be honest, it’s very tough. But now, I have change my mind. I feel very grateful. There’s good point in being an artist too. Becoming an artist, I’m able to sing in front of so many ppl,I felt very happy & blissful to be able to sing in front of so many people

  • Junsu: It's the last day. (fans clapping) This year, this is finally the last for this tour.
  • Junsu: Ah, but there's still an encore concert in Korea? In Japan, the Nagoya concert today is the end.
  • Junsu: Sending in your support and love until now, I will do my best in today's stage because of your support.
  • Junsu: I tried in order to give various genres in this album. Was it conveyed? I tried to put 13 songs in one album. (shrugging)
  • Junsu: Seems like I'm praising it myself since it came out from my mouth. (laughs) I'm embarrassed. I'm rather old now.
  • Junsu: Because it's my concert? (laughs) Please forgive me for praising myself a little bit!
  • Junsu: Since today is the last day, the heat of everyone is particularly hot. Ah, I ate hitsumabushi today.
  • Junsu: I've been on a diet recently, so I can't eat a lot. I ate so much today. I ate two servings! My power now is the hitsumabushi power!
  • Junsu: The next song is a song that has a different atmosphere. A video in the middle of the moods will be shown at the back while I'm in the middle f singing. While everyone is watching that video, while listening to my voice... I wish you're going to listen while having an uneasy feeling.
  • Junsu: It's not a comfortable feeling, but feeling a little bit uneasy? I hope you'll listen to it with the feeling that you're unloved.
  • Junsu: Everyone, please make an atmosphere like that together. (Next song is My night!)
  • Junsu: How was everyone last night? Was it hot? Were you lonely? Why was it not hot? Ah, it's not because I wasn't there? Ah.
  • Junsu: But if I'm there, it's hot? Why is it like that? Ah, what's the meaning of the cheers right now? (fans cheering again) Ah...Okay.
  • Junsu: I was feeling hot yesterday. Uhmm... (laughs) Ah, but I'm alone. Ah... When it's hot, let's open the A/C. Open the window!
  • Junsu: From now on! It's Junsu time! Ho? Because it's the last day, I'll try to do it again with power? FROM NOW ON! IT'S JUNSU TIME!!!!
  • JunsuL By any chance, I'm first! Please? It's your first time? Why did you come here? Oh, your friend recommended it to you?
  • Junsu: How does it feel like? It's cool? Thank you. (laughs) Ah, let's try to explain it to those who are here for the first time.
  • Junsu: It's the Genie Time corner, but I'm not the Genie! I'm just like a genie! The things that I can do, everyone can have three wishes!
  • Junsu: It's recently. This is the corner that I'm the most nervous of.
  • Genie Time 1) Junsu: This is a song from my solo album. The song is "가지마 (Don't leave)". How should I say this in Japanese?
  • Junsu: It's "Don't leave!" in Korean. Ah! My hyung wrote the lyrics of this song. Junho! Made the lyrics of this song
  • 2) Junsu: Ah, what is this? What is this? Yes, please try it. The audience were going "Jun~su~ya!" What is this? (laughs) Ah... This... Ah, should I upload a selca on twitter while eating a pudding? Ah, I'll get this later (laughs)
  • 3) Junsu: Ah, this is an old song. I will practice a little bit? It's been a long time also and I didn't even practice too. (laughs)
  • Junsu: Please understand even if it's wrong? (sings doushite)
  • 4) Junsu: Ah, because today is the last day? I should sing more? Ah, this is a One Piece song. It's my favorite song! (Asu wa kuru kara)
  • Junsu: "JUNSU!!!!!!!!" with a really high voice. Well, I will try to do the last wish! What is good? (laughs)
  • 5) Junsu: Wasurenaide~ Ja, this is the last!!!
  • 6) JS: Bc it's the last day? I should do one more? Oh! Can it be for a few minutes? 3 minutes? Ah...If it's 3 minutes, it's good! I'm ready!
  • Junsu: When doing a concert, I look at the faces of everyone in the audience. I may not be good in memorizing names, but I can remember faces well. If we suddenly meet, I can't say "Ah, who is this!" but instead, I will say "Ah! Where did I see him/her!"
  • Junsu said that it was really hard when they debuted since they always go back and forth in Korea, Japan and China. They will go to a place 4 times a day. There are a lot of parts when he's thankful but he thinks that he only saw the bad part. He's regretting why he only saw the last parts. Receiving love, being able to sing in places with a lot of people like this. Regretting why did he only think of bad thoughts, but he's a happy person now more than anyone else. He's thankful every time he stands on the stage, but he doesn't know if until when will he be allowed to be like this but he will work hard so that everyone will not regret it. Translated from radieux_xia!
  • Junsu: When we debuted, there was a little bit painful part at first. I don't know whether it's Korea, Japan or China. I will be on the plane 4 times a day, going to Korea, going to Japan. I wished to sing normally on stage, but why is it like this... I don't know if until when will it be like this...And why must it be like this, I should smile even though it's day that I'm not feeling good... it was honestly hard. But because of changing those thoughts, there are a lot of days also that I'm really thankful, but there were also days when I only thought that it's stressful and hard. Some stories also, there were also enough days when it was happy and good...because I became an artist. I was able to sing in front of many people because of becoming a celebrity.
  • I don't know if I conveyed it well to you in Japanese now. Thinking of 'Why did I only think of the bad parts?', those thoughts were changed. Being able to sing in front of a lot of people, thinking about it, I'm a happy person. I was thinking like that in the past. I will work harder now, and thinking of receiving the hearts of everyone...I'm always thankful that I am together with you. Being like this until when, I don't know if I'll able to sing in front of everyone. I will always work hard. To my fans and the fans of JYJ, I will work harder so you will not regret it.
  • Junsu: Everyone, how was dealing with being able to feel the breath of love? Ah... you broke up? You parted from each other...
  • Junsu: Because everyone said that I should get married when I'm 77, I'll do it. There are still few years left...
  • Junsu: How old am I in Japan? 28? 29? Ah, I'm 28 now. Wow, I'm really young! Ah, I'm a man from the 30s! (t/n: Jaejoong said this too XD) I'm 28 in Japan. (laughs) Ah but you'll add 1 or 2 years when you're in Korea. I'm 30 years old in Korea, and 28 in Japan. Those who are 28 years old here? You'll be 30 when you go to Korea!!! Ah, it's just for some years. (laughs) 1986? You're 30!!!
  • Junsu: By the way, when I see those who are high school students or 30-year-olds, wouldn't it look like you're uncles? How about me?
  • Junsu: I don't look like that? Thank you. Honestly, I... (whispers) when I'm with my friends... (whispers) @/wonsikah11 is 27, honestly...
  • Junsu: Ah, I'm sorry, Siki Siki. But, it's Siki Siki. I'll shoot perfectly with a gun in the army. That...was a pretty good shot. Being first-class everytime (laughs) Should everyone call Siki Siki? (fans: SIKI SIKI!!) It's Wonsik from Korea. Siki Siki... (T/N:Siki Siki is @wonsikah11)
  • Junsu: (Double encore) Ah, a musical song that is left while I sing Love in the Ice today. It's Loving you keeps me alive.
  • Junsu: It's Princess Elizabeth from 400 years ago, her beloved lover. Being hit by death because of Dracula's fault.
  • Junsu: To God... cursing Him wile stabbing the cross, the story where you can live up to 400 years if you drink blood.
  • Junsu: Meeting Elizabeth in 400 years, but she's already going to marry a man, she can't even remember Dracula.
  • Junsu: This is a song that's "please try to love me, please try to know me."
  • Junsu: Singing this song of Dracula's love, please listen to Loving you keeps me alive.
  • Junsu: From's Deathnote? Please come and watch it a lot! Then, bye bye!!!!! ....shoot? (sounds of gun) Wow, it's good!
  • Junsu: Please go home carefully~

Credits: As tagged + withxiah + radieux_xia
Translated by: XIAkiss + paulisteu + yunhosmiley
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