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[TRANS] 150406 Jaejoong mentioned in fellow recruit's letter to their parents

Letter from friend's brother: I'm in same company/platoon/Living quarter w JYJ Kim Jaejoong sleep in same room. He taught me how to fold underwear today. He is from Gongju. I'm amazed every time I look at him. He feels like an older brother next door as I get to know him. He has great body n is so cool.
Ah, and for your information, I share a dorm room with JYJ Jaejoongie-hyung, which means I sleep (share the bed/the room for sleep) with him. What has happened today is that I was not able to learn how to fold underclothes because of (?)MI Test and Jaejoongie-hyung taught me. He said that he was raised in Gongju. At first It was just amazing every time I looked at him, but I've gradually felt that he's becoming like a hyung next door. His body is freaking awesome by the way. Effing cool. I will tell you about him in detail during your visiting hours here in the future.

Recruits mentioned Jaejoong in their letter back home:
Jaejoong helped me shave my hair 😂👍 (Source: 金在中)

Older Sister's Biased Advice
I received your letter haha. It was extremely funny, but you have one thing you misunderstand. Not that I moved forward to see Jaejoong, but I walked that way to look at you more closely and he came towards me. Also, when you saluted at mom and dad, I clearly looked at you. My camera pointed him by itself though...
See, people have to be good to others to be blessed.
You also keep in mind 'Heaven helps those who help themselves' in your life.
I was just moving forward to see you, and that happened to me.

A private sent letter to his family saying he encounters Kim Jaejoong every morning
Cr: 1st Division daum cafe

1. (From umma) In your letter, you said that Kim Jaejoongie helped you shave your hair. Is that true? You said he's very handsome. But in your mom's eyes, my son is also handsome ㅎㅎ
2. (From appa) Ah, I hear that Kim Jaejoong helped you shave your hair, that you guys helped each other
3. (From sister to oppa) Oh right, I heard that Kim Jaejoong also came to 1st Division. Kim Junsu hasn't enlisted yet. I'm thrilled by the thought of seeing Kim Jaejoong at your completion ceremonyㅎㅎ..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4. Hey, did you see Kim Jaejoong?ㅋㅋ I was already amazed that you guys enlisted at the same time... But you even came to same training camp;ㅋㅋ I came that day, there were so many Japanese fans.
T/N: No1 and no2 are parents of 1 trainee
Source: 1st Division daum cafe

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Translated by: crystalmoon64 + yunjaery + jaetaku 1,2
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