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[TRANS+FANCAM] 150404 Changmin at D&E 2nd Japan Tour in Saitama

  • Donghae: DONT LOOK!!!!!!!
  • Hur eunhae and changmin give each other finger heart
  • Two lightsticks in the vip box. Lmao changmin and trainer.
  • Changmin on stage now!
  • Before changmin come out, hyuk mentioned dbsk then everyone shouting for changmin then hyuk say: why do u all like so much!
  • They made changmin do choki dance
  • Hahahah they made changmin translate to japanese for them
  • After choki dance they are too tired then they sat on the floor
  • Hyuk: (to changmin) do u wanna sing a song? Hae: just a bit..
  • Then changmin started to sing and everybody sing along and eunhae were like O.O what are u all doing!!! (Note: CM sang Somebody To Love)
  • Then changmin sang another song and everyone sing tgt again! Hyukjae stood up looking angry hahahahahahaha (Note: CM sang Sakuramichi?)
  • Changmin: ppl think of kyuhyun when talking abt sj isnt it? Eunhae: who is kyuhyun? *think very long* ah ah that radio star guy..
  • Changmin took out the event paper too. Then hyuk was backfacing fans so when he turned back and see the event he got rly shocked!! (Note: event for Eunhyuk's bday)
  • Hyuk: my wish is sj n dbsk can continue to promote coolly and have an collaboration. And wish all fans to be happy *blow imaginary candles*
  • Hyuk: (to changmin) u are max right? CM: yes max. Hyuk: we are DME.
  • Changmin: my fav sj member is eunhyuk... Donghae look like a sad puppy.

  • Changmin is here
  • All turn to see changmin and the 2 get angry, saying to end concert, ask changmin to go out
  • Changmin bought wine and concert towel, the 2 then throw hand heart to him
  • Hyuk: changmin is here as fan not idol
  • Hae: look at us, not him
  • Eunhae: we must not play a fool Today, must be suave to capture their attention
  • Changmin stand up and dance to eunhae performance, with lightstick. Fanboy!
  • Changmin on stage
  • He appear with the merchandise towel, 2 lightstick and paper bag
  • CM dance choki wa really forcefully
  • Hyuk: CM specially make time for this concert
  • CM: I was drinking wine and enjoying the concert. Hyuk: let's go Tokyo dome and do similar
  • Hae: my fandom actually can't sing our songs well. Changmin you shd sing and test them
  • Changmin sang his latest song and elf could sing along. Hyuk was so angry. Ya really like them right
  • Hyuk: my wish is SJ & tvxq can have everlasting schedule and collaboration opp. Elf to be healthy and happy
  • Hae: how abt the 3 of us form a sub grp DME!
  • CM went off stage

  • Changmin's fan project for todayㅋㅋㅋ "I say Eunhyuk, you say oppa. Eunhyuk (Oppa!) Eunhyuk (Oppa!)" [ymamylim]
  • D&E: How was the concert? CM: I really enjoyed it! I had fun dancing while waving my penlight&drinking beer, too! E: Drinking beer?! CM: ㅋㅋ

  • Changmin's at eunhae's concert now!
  • Changmin's wearing the tour goods of eunhae's conc, and brought beer. He made a heart shape. Cute while laughing widely (cr: cavry)
  • Eunhae danced to "catch me", and joked saying that the next song is "somebody to love" (cr: cavry)
  • Changmin's fully geared in Eunhae's concert goods! (Cr: 韩希羽0604)
  • Changmin's wearing the sweater, lightsitck and towel. During LCA, he stood up and waved it (cr: 寶藍口味冰)
  • Changmin raised both his hands and was dancing along, and was also nodding to the rhythm (cr: cavry-ycen)
  • While the vcr of SJ4 tour was shown on screen, changmin was cheering along with everyone (cr: cavry-ycen)
  • When CM was asked how he's feeling,he replied in japanese,but eunhae couldnt understand him. EH: Haha that's really meaningful! (Cr:韩希羽0604)
  • CM: everyone pls support super junior, esp my fave eunhae... and cute donghae [Fans started cheering] (cr: cavry-ycen)

  • "Shim-san stood up and started dancing and shaking his hips during Oppa Oppa"
  • "Changmin wore the merchandise shirt, draped the towel around his neck and held a lightstick on his left hand"
  • Eunhyuk: If you talk about TVXQ, it must be Changmin right? He's so handsome and sexy! Changmin: Talking about SJ, it must be Kyuhyun.
  • D/E: Sing a song and see if our fans know. Changmin: Somebody to love~ (Fans sang it out) Eunhyuk: What is this! Are yall that happy!
  • Eunhyuk: Sing ours too! (Fans sang) Eunhyuk: Powerful! Next, Tohoshinki's newest song! (Fans sang again)
  • DH: We look like a 3 members grp. EH: Changmin's Max, so we are DME. DH: Let's grp and go Tokyo Dome tgt. CM: Let's do it w/o telling LSM
  • Changmin: Please give more support to Super Junior, especially the best Hyukjae whom I especially like. The cute Donghae too~

Changmin the translator

Celebrate Eunhyuk's b'day

Changmin dancing Oppa Oppa

Changmin leaving the stage

Chok Chok dance

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