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[PHOTOS+INFO] 150423 Junsu - Goyang International Flower Festival

What happened at the Goyang Flower Festival

[T/N: I was not there at the festival, I am basing this tweet on tweets made by fans who WERE there and tweeted about it in Korean.]

While a congratulatory speech was going on, Junsu appeared on the scene and some fans got up and started cheering for him.

The MC told them to be quiet and then said things like "If you want to see him you have to listen to this speech" and "If you don't behave, we're not going to let you see him," in a very condescending tone.

Junsu wasn't initially planning on performing, but decided to perform one song. When he was done and was leaving the stage, the MC said, "That's it? Is he really going to perform just one song? Is he going to leave even though not all the speeches are done? What a GREAT Hallyu star." in a sarcastic way.

He then said, "I guess we'll just have to invite him back next year. We'll get more money (to pay him) so he sings three songs!"

Further explanation: Why Junsu wasn't planning on singing

The city of Goyang didn't have enough funds to officially invite Junsu to perform at the festival as a guest singer. The mayor of Goyang is friends with Junsu's dad so he asked him for a personal favor if Junsu could possibly come to the event today.

Because he wasn't officially invited as a singer, Junsu wasn't supposed to be performing at all. But Junsu felt like he should perform at least one song because he was grateful for being invited to the event.

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Junsu with the Mayor of Goyang

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