Friday, April 24, 2015

[NEWS] 150424 SBS Announcer Formally Apologizes for Rude Remarks Towards JYJ′s Kim Junsu

After causing bitter feelings to rise, SBS announcer Park Sang Jun formally apologized for his comments.

On April 23, Park Sang Jun stated through SBS, "I apologize. It is an absolute fault with no excuses for a host to make a performer feel offended. I will support Kim Junsu′s future activities more. I sincerely apologize."

On April 23, Park Sang Jun hosted the opening ceremony for the 2015 International Horticulture Goyang Korea, where Kim Junsu performed as a guest.

During the event, the announcer made rude comments regarding Kim Junsu, causing the singer to later tweet, "I don′t know who the host was, but I think you should at least mind your manners. Moving past age, you were quite disrespectful to me and the fans."

C-JeS Entertainment stated, "There was most definitely a problem with the words of an official event′s host. We believe there is a need for an apology."

Kim Junsu later returned to Twitter to comfort the fans, saying, "Everyone, I know there was something upsetting, but let′s move on~ More than anything, I sang for the first time in awhile at a place like that today. And in my hometown. I was proud and content. It was a very unexpected schedule, but thank you so, so much for coming out even for that short time to support me!"

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