Monday, April 6, 2015

[NEWS] 150406 More than 10,000 People Apply in 3 Hours to Watch JYJ Kim Junsu on ′Space Sympathy′

With his upcoming TV performance, more than 10,000 people applied to watch JYJ′s Kim Junsu on EBS′ Space Sympathy.

With Kim Junsu filming for Space Sympathy on April 13, the audience applications opened up on April 6 at 11AM (KST). As soon as the applications opened up at 11AM, the Space Sympathy was swarmed by visitors, resulting in more than 10,000 audience applications within 3 hours.

Expecting a large number of applicants, EBS increased its servers for application process as it has always done with other artists.

The audience applications for Space Sympathy is not based on first come, first serve. The program will be accepting applications from April 6 to 9. Random applicants will be chosen through a computer lottery and they will be announced on April 10.

"Regardless of being a weekday or a weekend, we′ve receiving a flood of inquiries asking how to get chosen and about the exact process of choosing an applicant. As it′s his first music program appearance in six years, we think many viewers, not just fans, are showing a great deal of interest," said an EBS staff. "All audience members will be chosen at random. As much as there is interest, we′ll put our hearts and souls into making it as fair as possible during the selection process. We ask for understanding that as it will be taking place in a small theater, there won′t be as many seats as applicants."

The Space Sympathy staff shared that it will reveal the process in which applicants get selected on its official homepage.

Kim Junsu′s episode will be filmed on April 13 and broadcasted on April 30.

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