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[NEWS] 150406 Junsu confirmed for musical Death Note as 'L'

Junsu confirmed for musical Death Note as 'L'. The show will run from 2015.06.20~08.09 at Seongnam Arts Center Opera House. Death Note character introduction interview will release on 2015.04.08 via

L - Kim Junsu
Yagami Light - Hong Kwangho
Amane Misa - Jung Sun Ah
Rem - Park Hyena
Ryuk - Kang Hongsuk

The popular Japanese manga Death Note will be brought to life on the musical stage in Korea.

On April 6, Death Note the musical unveiled its impressive list of stars for the Korea rendition.

The cast includes JYJ′s Kim Junsu and Hong Kwang Ho, who will take on the characters, L and Light respectively, while Jung Seo Ah and Park Hye Na will each act as Misa and Rem. Rising musical actor of 2015, Kang Hong Seok has been cast as Ryuk.

Death Note was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The series was first publised in the Japanese manga magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump in 2003.

The musical was produced by leading Japanese entertainment company, Horipro Inc, with Kuriyama Tamiyaga, the art director of the New National Theater Tokyo, directing.

The musical score was created by Frank Wildhorn of Jekyll and Hyde and The Count of Monte Cristo. The song lyrics were written by Jack Murphy of The Count of Monte Cristo and Carmen while Ivan Menchell, who wrote, Bonnie and Clyde, penned the script.

The Korean version of Death Note will run between June 11 and August 11 at the Seongnam Arts Center Opera House.

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