Monday, April 20, 2015

[FANCAM] 150418~19 XIA 3rd Asia Tour ~FLOWER~ Encore in Seoul


[ 150418 ]

Hate Those Word


Genie Time - Angel Xia 'Red Jacket'

Genie Time - Fox tail
"Junsu-ah you can do it! Here I go....Ah calm down...
singing something would be easier than this..Noona wake up~ orz"

Genie Time - Musical Medley
(I Am Music, - When You Love You'll Understand Each Other - If I Was Your Mirror - The Shadows Grow Longer - When I Want To Dance - I Belong To Me - Golden Star - Why Can't You Love Me)

Dance Medley
(Mission, Tarantallegra, Turn It Up, Fever, Tarantallegra)



Ment - Space Sympathy
JS says fans are like his mom! Everyone shouted loudly! JS: “Everyone hates to be mom? What’s that? Noona?” Fans: “자기야 (Darling)!” JS: “What they say? Darling? I'll be like rubbish if I have so many darlings!” Fans: “It’s ok!" - cr:Vichellelicious

[ 150419 ]

X Song


Love You More

Genie Time - Talking

Genie Time - JS asking who is attending his concert for the 1st time. A fan say she became his fan after seeing him in a musical. Junsu ask what she thinks of the concert so far and the fan said that his talks are more fun than the performance lol

Genie Time - Musical Medley

Genie Time - Sechs Kies 'Couple'

Changing mike - Fanboy from Gwangju who has been a fan for 11 years
Junsu: "Then you've like me since HUG"


Out Of Control ft YDG

Ment - Space Sympathy

Hello Hello

Ment - Fan from Triangle era
"When I had gray hair? When Changminie had the statue
of liberty hair? Yoochun's ramen hair?" (cr:paulisteu)

Junsu apologize cutely to the fan for mistaking him as a guy (coz her hair is slicked back). She has been a fan since she was 5 years old because of her mom who was also at the concert hence Junsu saying thank you to the mom xD




Credits: KIMJUNSU 소풍 + withxiah + ohmyjun + XIARU 시아루 +
오늘 + rivericecool + XIA cah + 꽃으로도때리지말라 +
XIA Everlasting + 시아엘라 XIA + lejxiah
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