Friday, April 17, 2015

[FANACC] 150417 TVXQ at SMTOWN COEX Atrium

  • TVXQ in COEX again, coming by 4F with ice coffee & autographing on table (that moved to warehouse). Cameramen shot TVXQ looking at a cake together in COEX SM Artium (cr:FanTa_1226)
  • TVXQ's shooting in 2F on Apr16 & 4F on Apr 17. TVXQ made an unscheduled visit to COEX SM Artium today. (cr:FanTa_1226)
  • TVXQ's shooting in COEX for making endorsement video for COEX SM Artium (cr:charming_bmy)
  • TVXQ took a photo in front of the Oscar action figure in COEX SM Artium (cr:charming_bmy)
  • RT @Noodle_10108 150417 TVXQ are filming at SM Theatre now cr:一蓝yilan_
  • Shooting TVXQ's interview 4 times in Korean & twice in Japanese. Yunho "Watched School Oz. Come enjoy it" (cr:1116Bwh)
  • Sales of the TVXQ merchandises GREAT. Even the floor sample of the action figure was sold due to no stock. Changmin's bromide photo (School OZ) SOLD OUT ($56). Other TVXQ merchandises in store & cafe all SOLD OUT (cr:0206yhken)

[FANCAM - Leaving COEX cr:郑允浩的蛋蛋]

Yunho's signature found at lvl 4 coex atrium.
He wished everyone to always be happy (cr:charming_bmy)

Changmin's signature (again in 4 languages) found at lvl 4 of coex atrium.
He wrote that he left his mark (cr:charming_bmy)

Changmin's comment: really... really... is this me... ((cr:FanTa_1226)

Credits: As tagged + charming_bmy + FanTa_1226 + yerim_0206
Translated by: rangrang24 + tvxq_et_moi + snxy
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