Thursday, April 16, 2015

[FANACC] 150416 TVXQ at SMTOWN COEX Atrium

  • TVXQ spotted filming something at Artium (SM COEX) today !! (cr:oohsehun)
  • another fan account saying changmin was spotted filming (cr:Jonghyun8)
  • TVXQ signatures at SM Artium (cr:YUNHOWORLD)
  • Yunho was comparing grey and green & finally bought grey (cr:YUNHOWORLD)
  • Changmin bought 7 pairs of socks (12k per pair), coordis chose (cr:YUNHOWORLD)
  • Yunho bought Tiffany’s sunglasses (nw OOS) w (cr:YUNHOWORLD)
  • Yunho signed in frt of his bracelets; Changmin, on his photos (cr:YUNHOWORLD)
  • Changmin was wearing the WITH jumper today RT @chang_mini
  • f: tvxqwelt the cameramen were taking many pictures of the two shopping, even sticking the camera on the window and onto the wall
  • Yunho shopping at COEX was like in superstar mode overflowing with charisma, Changmin was in cute mode f: tvxqwelt
  • Btw the baseball cap that Changmin bought was the black TVXQ one f: tvxqwelt
  • f: yunhoworld fan asked employees abt TVXQ’s shoot but it wasn’t told why - just that it was a private shoot. (not public)


Credits: As tagged + 土豆用户_755327487
Translated by: snxy
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