Wednesday, April 1, 2015

[ADMIN POST] TVXQ - KMF 2015 Red Ocean Project

Hi everyone!

As many of you know already, TVXQ will be attending the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles on May 2, 2015! This concert may not be another solo but it doesn't mean it can't be special!

Our team is assuming this might be the last time we see Yunho before his enlistment so we want to show him all our support!

We are planning to purchase 1500 OX headbands to cover at least the pool and garden area. Of course, if you are a Cassie and/or donated, you will get one as well even if your seat is not in the areas we want to cover.

BUT! We need your help! Two years ago, FYEAHTohoshinki and DBSKnights provided light sticks for everyone and that project depleted our funds completely. We will need A LOT of help to make this project successful.

We really appreciate whatever help you can give us. Please donate any amount to our admin's Paypal account: Please send the donation as a gift to avoid fees. Thank you and we really appreciate all your help!


  1. I can't find the donate option on my account. Help, please.

    1. You only need to mark your transaction as "personal", there's no such thing as a "donation" option.
      Hope that helps.^^

  2. I probably won't be attending but I want to support the project. Still reliving the memories of the Red Sea Project from 2008..:) Good luck!

  3. Hello! Russian fans want to help so much and we are raising money now for this donation, but there is one question: when does the donation end (we don't want to be late)?
    Thank you!