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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150324 Yunho - Night Watchman’s Journal Premium Event

[ 3RD SESSION - 20:00 ]

  • Yunho made a heart sign, the one that is popular in Korea before he left (with his fingers) f: yunhokku + m_m_tvxq
  • f: mayamin26 yunho made the small heart w his fingers while looking at the camera during the last part
  • f: sivasingh frm the audience: cute!! yunho: i'm cool!
  • f: roomnumber32 yunho on the crying scene- it was filmed 5x. Minsil-san: was the last one used? No, 2nd as his nose was running.

  • Cr:yyyyym6 Museok's best 3 scenes! 3rd: Museok warning his uncle 2nd: Museok's death scene 1st: Inhwa's (sister) death scene
  • Yunho did a heart using his fingers (ujina_uknow)
  • Fans: Cuteeeee~! Yunho: It's coolㅋㅋㅋㅋ (ymamylim)

  • Minsil-San: This drama has both crying & fighting scenes, the filming (of the drama) is really tough right?
  • YH: This drama is like a comprehensive gift set ~ www cr:SAKiTVXQ1988
  • YH was cute when he said "I'm Yunho who play the role of Mooseok". He's really charming because he's handsome cr:sivasingh

[ 2ND SESSION - 16:30 ]

  • The Japanese word that Yunho taught Il-Woo today was ‘Rassungoreirai” f: m_m_tvxq
  • The other word tt Yunho taught 心で繋がっているから / to be connected in heart. Il-Woo was trying to imitate e pronunciation f: panee0202
  • f: panee0202 il-woo said yunho had promised to teach him jpn but hadn’t yet so minsil-san said this was his chance. yunho: rassungoreirai
  • Minsil-san said yunho had received bad influence when yunho was calling out numbers, changmin-style wwwww f: tatukuma910

  • 2nd part ended. (about 30 minutes ago lol) Yunho's tension was different. He frequently looks at the fans from 1st to top floor.
  • It was the test filming when Yunho and Jung Ilwoo first met. Because Yunho came early, they were doing the make up for the drama and he was teaching the other celebrities Japanese. It seems that those are the unique Japanese words. Minsil-san asked if what WAS that and Yunho, while watching the audience's reaction, said it was Rassun Gorerai.
  • When Yunho talked about Rassun Gorerai, the fans reacted and Minsil-san laughed and seemed like he knows it too.
  • The other celebrities don't know that so Yunho watched them with an anxious expression. Yunho said that it was a popular gag in Japan.
  • They picked the three most memorable scenes. Yunho said the 16th episode scene with Yoon Taeyeong was really good, so he picked it for the memorable scenes list again. Yunho's reason was that YTY guided him well when they were using the sword together 'cause you can be wounded while using that.
  • The last scene was the killing scene. The reason why Yunho remembers it the most was when he was spinning the sword. It was his first time using a sword, but it didn't look like it 'cause of his good expression. His hand was in pain after filmingㅠㅠ
  • Lottery - YH: X section, X row please raise your hands... it's the row in front of you. Changmin's doing this sometimes, right. Fans: KYAA~ MC: Yunho got a bad influence. Yunho: Today, I'm Yunho that's a little bit bad. (YMAMYLIM)

[ 1ST SESSION - 13:00 ]

  • Minsil-san was the MC for the FM today
  • Yunho’s greeting: Hello everyone, today I am not Tohoshinki’s Yunho but Yunho who played the role of Mooseok f: m_m_tvxq
  • Yunho mentioned he was in the middle of Tohoshinki’s tour but pls look forward as there were other plans in preparation f: m_m_tvxq
  • f: shokorara Yunho: as our last names were Jung, we quickly became acquainted. Minisil-san: My last name is Jung too. Yunho: That’s 3 Jungs!
  • f: YCM020618 Yunho’s memorable scenes 3) 4ep sword practice 2) 16ep Confrontation w Yoon Tae Young 1) 16ep scene w Lee Rin who was bewitched
  • “Yunho—!!” Yunho: What? I am Yunho!! RT @hmngc212
  • f: k_yucho08 as yunho was close-by (to the audience) and drawing #s for the lottery, fans were gg ‘kya-ah-ah’ yunho: are you ok?

  • NWJ fm 1st part ended. Yunho had bangs and was in a good mood. Neat black hair. He was wearing a casual black suit, pants & shoes. (yyyyym6)
  • The MC was Mr. Minsil. Most of the attendees were Bigeasts. He talked a lot in Japanese not because the attendees are Japanese.
  • The questions asked were already made (about the drama), except when they were joking for the fans.
  • They're using Japanese even though it was hard, but the fans had a lot of fun.
  • A lot of people kept on calling Yunho, so he kept on smiling towards the fans too.
  • Yunho-kun's 'cute behavior of scratching his leg' according to the MC.
  • There were also a lot of Korean Yunho fans who went to the fanmeet. They counted Yunho's best action scenes.
  • Yunho's gift to the fans was him dancing and everyone went crazy
  • Yunho and Jung Ilwoo talked in Korean and the Koreans who attended it were all happy lol
  • MC: Recent activities? Yunho: I'm preparing for With Tour~ (mina_leecm)
  • Yunho: Even though everyone can see me right now because it's With tour right now, aside from it, I'm having numerous plans and preparations in order to show you a new image.
  • (∵) 2nd floor! Ah~ R! C row (Big∀East) R? C? Where are you? (noise) ~Yunho silently gave the paper to Minsil-san~ MC: R's 4th row! (there are two ways of reading 4, si/yon) (∵) Ah! It's yonyeol (욘열), not siyeol (시열)! [열 is row]

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Translated by: snxy + paulisteu + tvxq_et_moi + yunjaery + joeylfy
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