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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 150324 Jaejoong - Triangle Fanmeeting

[ 2ND SESSION - 19:00 ]

  • Jaejoong changed to a monochrome stripes sweater. He looked happier and he kept teasing Jinheeㅋㅋ (Cr: 那个镜子)
  • Jaejoong wore a white furry sweater and he kept scratching his neck. The fur kept going into his mouth HAHAHA (Source: PYO)
  • Jaejoong mentioned "AV" and "pervertic Jaejoong" again. Jaejoong: I have never watched AV before. Fans: EHHHHHHH??? (Source: ichikinosama)
  • MC: Your acting as a hooligan in Triangle is really good. Jaejoong (glaring): Do I look like a hooligan? (Source: 玫瑰班常老湿)
  • Jaejoong, an-chan and 2 staff ate 3 servings of soba, pizza and steak and drank 3 bottles of whiskey at 12am+ last night (S: 玫瑰班常老湿)
  • Act out a scene out of 8 scenes - Jae chose to lick a knife like a hooligan but it was an utensil knife. He licked it sexily. (S: 玫瑰班常老湿)
  • Jaejoong said he will release two new songs on 28/29 Mar concerts!!!!
  • Out of the 16 songs produced, there are 3 songs that belong to JYJ. The solo album will be of rock genre, Jae wrote 10 songs.
  • Jaejoong doesn't want to reveal when he will release the album 
  • Jaejoong: Because I saw (the fan project) earlier, I won't cry again! Is this manly!
  • Jaejoong: I have been smoking and drinking and I don't know how my organs are. But during check up, I was asked if I really did smoke/drink.
  • Jae walked around the stage to greet everyone and as he walked, he cried. He even went to the handicap area to shake hands;; (S: w-eternal)
  • Jaejoong: I have many many important things around me, but what's most important to me, is all of you. 💕 (Source: w-eternal)
  • Jaejoong kept smiling and telling everyone he won't cry. But as he walked around, he cried. With a smile on his face.
  • Jaejoong said that he's not afraid of military enlistment, but not seeing everyone for such long time makes him scared.
  • Jaejoong smiled while saying he is confident that he will return to meet everyone with a more healthy self.
  • Jaejoong was still crying when he went down the stage. An-chan is patting his back to comfort him at backstage. (S: w-eternal)
  • "I'm scared to be away from you all. I'm scared that I don't know where you are all when I'm back."

  • JJ's going to shoot the jacket for his album tomorrow. There'll be 16 songs- 3 = JYJ songs / 9 = JJ's the lyricist and composer. (@UH_2606)
  • Jae: Inside me, there are a lot of important things around me, but the most important is everyone... Thank you. See you again! cr: bwongx2
  • When practicing I'll protect you... Jaejoong: Wooow! Everyone's the best! But...there is subtly wrong... (bwongx2)
  • JJ: When the concert this 29th ends, it seems like the members will come. I'll cry last there~ YC will cry also sooner or later cr: bwongx2
  • Jaejoong: A rock song with a sad feeling before I enlist, there's also R&B in this rock album.

[ 1ST SESSION - 14:00 ]

  • The host revealed that Jaejoong will sing a few songs today! He wants everyone to shout "come back early Jaejoong, we will wait for you"
  • Jaejoong: Aren't you all supposed to be at work at this time? Why are you here? Fans: To see you! Jaejoong: Thank you! (Source: 端木不_小瑟)
  • Lee Bum Soo and Baek Jin Hee are speaking in Korean while Jaejoong is speaking in Japanese.
  • when asked who Jinhee will choose among the three brothers Jinhee chose Dongwoo (Im Siwan)
  • Jaejoong drew two smiley faces and he added braids to his own expressions. He signed off with the name used in the drama.
  • Jaejoong was extremely shy when they played scene of him in boxers. He even covered his face when it played intimate scenes with Jinheeㅋ
  • Bum Soo: We are all happy whenever Jaejoong is late. Because we get our script a day before, we can memorize while waiting for Jaejoong.
  • "The cameraman kept zooming onto Jaejoong's face and it feels like he's trying to let us see every pore on Jaejoong's face"ㅋㅋ (Cr: 那个镜子)
  • "Jaejoong likes to smile/laugh after drinking" aw aegyo!drunk!Jaejoong #TriangleFM (Cr: wang7779jp)
  • Q: Who has the worst drinking habits? JJ: Me & Jinhee \ JH & BS: Jaejoong \ Jae likes to do aegyo after drinking and he would laugh out loud.
  • Jaejoong sang Boku no soba ni, Make Up
  • VCR!
  • Jaejoong changed his clothes and he's wearing grey casual outfit :3 (Cr: JeJe_大寶貝0126)
  • Talked about Bumsoo going China for filming and Jinhee's upcoming drama
  • They allowed Jaejoong to have some alone time with fansㅠㅠ he is singing his OST for Triangle - But I
  • Jaejoong said that "But I" describes his current feelings - even though he's not willing to (end) he still have to (end)ㅠㅠ (Source: 端木不_小瑟)
  • I'll Protect You!!!!! - Jaejoong is letting fans sing the song too
  • Jaejoong cried damn badlyㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ (Source: JeJe_大寶貝0126)
  • Fans did human waves using green ocean for Jaejoong during I'll Protect You and he criedㅠㅠ (Cr: 那个镜子) pic.twitter.com/JedXzEDXCO
  • Everyone shouted "go quickly and come back early, we will wait for you always" and Jaejoong cried T_T (Cr: 端木不_小瑟) pic.twitter.com/m1ZBM3hwsW
  • "Jaejoong don't dare to look at us... He's afraid"
  • Jaejoong: I will be back. But I don't want to leave. I don't want to leave. I finally get to be active in Japan. I'm not willing to!JJ: I'll be 30+ years old when I'm back. If only I can remain as 20 y.o.. I'll take care of my body and I'll let my 30+ yo self stay young.
  • JJ cried saying even tho he knows he'll be back but he doesn't want to leave. He cried while laughing "I'll be in 30s era when I'm back!" (t/n: he was crying then suddenly he laughed and shouted "I'll be in my 30s!!!!!")
  • During Q&A, while the other two were answering seriously, Jaejoong sneakily wrote "Thank you, I love you" and played in front of camera.

  • They were playing the Triangle Making DVD at the venue. 😁 (healingbalm126)
  • Start~
  • Three people appeared together on stage.
  • Jaejoong's wearing a checkered shirt and a cardigan.
  • Jaejoong: It's 2:00 PM right now, right. (How about) everyone's school? (laughs)
  • Jaejoong touched Lee Bum Soo's bangs lol
  • Jaejoong was shy so he covered his face with both hands when they played a hugging scene.
  • They played the video of Jaejoong running wearing only his red boxers and said that it was Youngdal and Jinhee's 1st meeting.
  • Jinhee said she cannot forget that scene where Jaejoong ran wearing only his red boxers.
  • Jaejoong: I'm drawing it. Should it be calm face of a hyung and my own face?
  • Jaejoong: Three kinds of his face. Shall I say that you knew that it was the faces of the three brothers? (laughs)
  • Jaejoong: How was Jaejoong senior's drawing? It's really impressive~
  • Yunho looked like he was aware of the number of his fans who attended the fanmeet.
  • Lee Bumsoo's gum flew (idk why!!!) and Jaejoong got scared.
  • Jaejoong's going to sing Boku no Soba ni.
  • Punishment game! Hengao (strange dace) or gum patch. Jaejoong chose gum patch.
  • Lee Bumsoo: When Jaejoong's drunk, he does a lot of cute things. He smiles and talks a lot. LBS imitated him and he laughed.
  • Jaejoong: I was not hurt but it's really scary! (punishment game)
  • Jaejoong sang Keshou too
  • MC: Then I will try to ask Jinhee. JJ: Yes~~ MC: Jaejoong's really natural (real) right now~
  • Jaejoong's wearing a shirt now and a gray suit~
  • New game is Balloon explosion game (you must answer quickly)
  • Jaejoong - talking in Japanese. Jinhee and Lee Bumsoo - talking in korean with intrepreter
  • Jaejoong's position (squatting) allowed the fans to see his tattooㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Jaejoong: I lost my soul in this body because of the balloon explosions
  • 2nd question and no one can still answer it so Jaejoong was kinda annoyed LOL
  • Next question: Delicious foods of Japan
  • Last part: Lottery of gifts
  • Jaejoong's singing I'll Protect you
  • Jaejoong was the one translating the things the interpreter can't
  • Jaejoong: It was nice meeting you today. I don't have a long break but meeting with everyone is the break that I received.
  • Jaejoong: I wrote the lyrics and was the composer. It's a song as a celebration of the members.

Credits: As tagged + 那个镜子
Translated by: yunjaery + paulisteu
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